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The terms of different brexit options

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pinktrenchcoat Tue 26-Feb-19 08:56:05

Could somebody please explain the different options we have regarding brexit, ie. no deal, revoke, and what they mean?

I haven't been keeping up with it as I've never really been "into" politics and I'm finding it hard to understand from the news.

So in simplest terms, anyone?

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remainymcremainface Tue 26-Feb-19 09:00:07

Revoke means stay in the EU on our existing terms (minus the concessions Cameron got from Juncker pre referendum, I think, as I believe they were dependent upon a referendum decision to remain).

No deal means we leave the EU with no trade deal in place with the EU (or any other country as all our trade deals are through our EU membership).

cdtaylornats Sat 02-Mar-19 08:45:17

No "revoke" means just that - take back article 50 - everything else remains the same.

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