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Ha HAHAHA. Boris Johnson is off to Iran this weekend

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LaurieFairyCake Thu 07-Dec-17 19:28:09

Literally the funniest thing I've read today

To secure the release of that poor women he stabbed in the back

Mumsnut Thu 07-Dec-17 19:29:43

Maybe they would do a straight swap?

LaurieFairyCake Thu 07-Dec-17 19:31:12

God that would be AMAZING !

LaurieFairyCake Thu 07-Dec-17 19:31:40

Actually if they offered falafel for him we should take it

TheWoollybacksWife Thu 07-Dec-17 19:32:42

I have never wanted a "Like" button before @Mumsnut but I wish we had one for your comment.

I sincerely hope he is successful

Taylor22 Thu 07-Dec-17 19:33:30

I just had a glimpse into the future.

'Mummy how did WW3 start?'

'Well darling it all started about 10 mins after Boris Johnsons plane landed'

Why do we allow him out of the country?!

PerkingFaintly Thu 07-Dec-17 19:33:37

Oh good god.shock

Sorry, not finding the funny at all. He could get her killed.

It's not like he's just an idiot for laffs in Parliamenthmm. This is the unspeakable fool who started quoting The Road to Mandalay in Burma, because... well fuck knows why. Not a diplomatic triumph.

PerkingFaintly Thu 07-Dec-17 19:34:39

Although, straight swap sounds attractive.

Ditto falafel...

CraicMammy Thu 07-Dec-17 19:35:08

I hope he is successful too.

If he isn’t, I hope someone hides a copy of “how to teach journalism” in his coat pocket, just before airport security wink

LaurieFairyCake Thu 07-Dec-17 19:35:27

Why do we allow him out of the country

Just why do we allow him

Ofthread Thu 07-Dec-17 19:38:42

First thing Boris’ dad said when he came out of the (I’m a celebrity) jungle, ‘Is Boris still the foreign secretary?’

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