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could we have another GE immediately?

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lucydogz Wed 21-Jun-17 08:16:23

looking at the dreadful situation we are in politically, with the Tories still not being able to find agreement with the DUP, I find myself thinking, that if I was May, I'd just call another GE. I know it's the last thing we need at the moment, but I can't see how we can go forward like this.
Has this ever happened, and is it feasible?

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Frillyhorseyknickers Wed 21-Jun-17 08:18:27

I fucking hope not. We live in a democracy. Not a democracy-unless-you-don't-agree-with-the-majority-and-then-it's-acceptable-it-protest.

meditrina Wed 21-Jun-17 08:27:03

We'll have to, if the Queen's Speech isn't passed by the House.

I think it's like a 'no confidence' vote, and they can have a second go within a fortnight, but if it still fails then I think it'll have to be a GE. Labour has fewer MPS, and is at a greater distance from a working majority, so I don't think it's remotely realistic that they could form a government.

Minimum time required to call an election is 3 weeks, but in practice is longer. Which probably makes it fall in August, which is not ideal as it's holiday season. House is due to return after summer break on 5 Sept. could they hold election on 31 Aug and then the new House is the one that returns?

FinallyThroughTheRoof Wed 21-Jun-17 08:31:52

Frilly she doesnt have a majority.

That's sort of the point here.

lucydogz Wed 21-Jun-17 08:36:11

thanks meditrina. Has it ever happened?
I think you've got me wrong frilly, I'm not protesting against the government, and I don't think I said that, I just think the government isn't in a tenable position at the moment. My post isn't a comment on the planned protests, just on the nuts and bolts of how this is going to work out.

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Frillyhorseyknickers Wed 21-Jun-17 08:44:23

She doesn't have a majority to form a government. However she holds a majority over the other parties.

What happens if we have another GE? Are you going to change your mind and vote for someone else?! Because I sure as hell am not, and to go through the expense of another election to arrive at the same conclusion(which invariably will happen) is stupid.

She's a moron for calling an early GE but then again she was in an impossible situation.

FinallyThroughTheRoof Wed 21-Jun-17 09:29:05

I think many people will have changed their minds.

theduchessstill Wed 21-Jun-17 12:14:41

I think many people would change their minds and others would come out who didn't 2 weeks ago.

She wasn't in an impossible situation then, but she is now, Frilly. She can't be allowed to just bumble on like this.

Carolinesbeanies Wed 21-Jun-17 13:04:16

Its a possibility OP, but I think going forward as a minority governmnt may not be quite as immediately catastrophic as it seems. (Heavily caveated, anything could happen tomorrow)
The whole DUP farce, to the dissapointment of the opposition, has fizzled. That doesnt mean to say the government arent guaranteed their support. They are. There are also plenty of backbench rebels who quietly support the governments position. TM knows she can garner a majority vote.

Weve also got summer recess coming up in a month. I think yesterday, they were squaring up for either a leadership coup or a government challenge. Today, I think theyre reflecting. Corbyn has prompted a rebellion of 40 odd Labour MPs to break his direction on the single market, thats irrelvant in a way, whats relevant is its highlighted his commitment to exiting the single market. So Labour MPs are not guaranteed to back their Leader. Theyre not guaranteed to oppose TM. Add to that that a GE could see some Labour rebels de-selected, certainly, if Corbyns popularity keeps rising.

My guess, and thats all it is, theyll hang on till the summer recess, see what the break brings, watch Corbyns support, and come back in September with a far better organised plot or plan.

lucydogz Wed 21-Jun-17 14:51:27

Thanks all. I hadn't thought of the Corbyn angle carolines - very interesting.

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missyB1 Wed 21-Jun-17 14:53:58

It's a bloody joke at the moment, May seems to be making it up as she goes along!

cdtaylornats Wed 21-Jun-17 22:39:26

I think a lot of people who voted Labour as a protest vote would rethink pretty rapidly

MaryTheCanary Thu 22-Jun-17 03:26:36

cdtaylornats beat me to it, but I think quite a few people voted Labour our of frustration, not because they actually want JC as PM. Labour's share of the vote could go down if you had another GE right now.

Atenco Thu 22-Jun-17 03:37:28

I think a lot of people who voted Labour as a protest vote would rethink pretty rapidly

Oh the eternal optimism of the Tories! That's what got you into this mess in the first place.

theduchessstill Thu 22-Jun-17 18:42:10

* quite a few people voted Labour our of frustration, not because they actually want JC as PM. Labour's share of the vote could go down if you had another GE right now.*

What on earth has happened over the past 2 weeks that would possibly give you that impression?? Tory MPs clearly don't agree, as shown by the way they have closed ranks around the disastrous May and not tried to oust her despite the fiasco she has created. They know they'll be fucked if there's another election anytime soon.

cdtaylornats Thu 22-Jun-17 21:10:50

They aren't trying to oust May yet. After brexit.

GoldTippedFeather Thu 22-Jun-17 21:23:22

I don't think millions of people voted Labour as a protest vote. People are so ground down by this hellish march through austerity whilst the tax rates for the top percentage get lower and lower, that they voted for an alternative altogether more positive view.

I used to stick out as the liberal lefty in our friendship group of young, middle class professionals. Every single one voted Labour this time after careful consideration and much debate. This is only an anecdotal group of 6, granted, but the statistics show this was a common shift across the country. The Conservatives need to stop sniping at and ridiculing Corbyn and actually look at WHY his popularity is on the rise.

cdtaylornats Thu 22-Jun-17 22:06:20

A couple of years of Corbyn would be great for the Tories any more would be a disaster for the country.

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