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Hoping clegg keeps his seat...

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Tortycat Fri 09-Jun-17 02:02:56

Just that really. He talks so much sense, seems very intelligent and articulate, very up on europe, great wife - so sad if he loses!!

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BackforGood Sat 10-Jun-17 00:06:11

I feel very sorry for him.
Not sure what his wife has to do with it ?? hmm but I agree with the rest you say.
He spoke so well in the 2010 campaign. I can't understand why the press vilified him and his party after the coalition, tbh - they weren't in power, they were able to force through some minor parts of their hopes and aims by going in to coalition, but were never going to be able to push everything they would have liked through. I've never understood why so many parts of the media found that difficult to understand.
I think he will be a real loss to the Houses of Parliament.

gentleshouting Sat 10-Jun-17 11:13:25

I think that's because 'so many parts of the media' are run my murdoch and co and didn't want them tempering the bills as they did. I think he's fantastic and feel very sorry for him. I hope he bounces back in some form or other, I have a lot of time for what he says

Topseyt Sat 10-Jun-17 11:33:47

I did feel sorry for Clegg. I am sorry he is gone, but my guess is that he will be back as soon as he can.

I think student tuition fees had a lot to do with it, and Sheffield is a university city.

Cameron forced him to give way on keeping the £3k cap on tuition fees in return for the referendum on the Alternative Voting System, so university fees rocketed to £9k per year soon after that.

The youth vote counted heavily in this election as young people, perhaps stung by the Brexit vote last year, saw the importance of voting and turned out in larger numbers than ever before.

In university areas such as Sheffield that also meant that the student vote was significantly up, and probably that ousted Clegg.

On the plus side, I am rather glad to see Vince Cable back.

Tortycat Sun 11-Jun-17 17:15:43

Ive not heard any interviews since he lost. I think hes unfairly penalised re tuition fees - as pp said he had little option and some peope do so much worse and it gets swept under the carpet. Im also hoping he comes back in some way.

Also happy about vince cable who i like a lot - although isnt he set to retire soon??

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