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marginal seats

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gillybeanz Wed 07-Jun-17 11:40:36

Hi, like most I will be watching the election results as they unfold.

Can somebody tell me which areas of the country have marginal seats.
I like to work it out as we are going along and usually come unstuck here.
So if you live in a marginal, or know of an area please post.

gillybeanz Wed 07-Jun-17 11:50:02

Forgot to add, please say what the parties are. thanks

EpoxyResin Thu 08-Jun-17 11:51:32

I'm in Norwich North where the Tories won last time with a 4-5k majority. But in the past it's been a strong Labour seat. I'm optimistic Labour can win it back; they've really busted out the big guns with the new candidate - a former NHS doctor of many years - you'd hope that would go down well.

Next door in Norwich South Clive Lewis won for Labour last time with a 7k majority. The Greens are strong there too, but the main issue is that this time UKIP have stepped down and actively campaigned their supporters to vote Tory to try and oust the left. Clive is such a good MP, I just hope Labour have done enough and the Greens play it tactical to counteract UKIPs move in support of the Cons!

EpoxyResin Thu 08-Jun-17 11:53:25

This is a nice chart of all the seats and the majorities 2015-2017

PigletWasPoohsFriend Thu 08-Jun-17 11:54:53

Marginal seats all over the country.

Depending on how it goes it may not be only marginal seats in play.

Here we have 2 marginal seats nearby of Labour majority of less than 3k. There is another with a Labour majority of 6k. All three could turn Tory.

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