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Monkeydust Thu 20-Apr-17 21:58:28

Tories with a woman who campaigned for the legal age of consent to be lowered to 12. Was associated with PIE and will bring more austerity

Labours self destructive self. Although I like that labour is going back to its roots

Lib dems political whores

I could go on. None of these seen appealing to me. Someone give me some help on who I should vote!

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soapboxqueen Thu 20-Apr-17 22:05:58

It's a complete shit show. Look at your local politcal landscape, who is most likely to get in? Who is the nearest rival? Narrow it down and choose between them.

Gaggleofgirls Thu 20-Apr-17 22:09:24


I'd really like to see a post about politics where everyone doesn't just slag each other off.

Rational points only...
Who you voting for and why?

Like you OP I haven't got a clue, like some things, don't like others but don't feel any sway whatsoever.

Tories -
Major cuts to NHS (likely privatise)
Major cuts to education

Labour -
Taxing rich more? Who classes as rich/poor? Already taxed 50% over 50k
What is 'affordable' housing?

Lib dems/Green
Enlighten me 🤔

Monkeydust Thu 20-Apr-17 22:14:26

I really like corbyn but I just dont think he is the man for the job. Id of loved to see galloway in his place. I could get behind him.

Lib dems I have always got the impression they will say anything to gain a vite or two. When with the torries they acted like puppy dogs licking the arse of the tories

Greens ... maybe the greens I could get behind!!!

Whats worse is in from liverpool its always be labour no questions I could never vote tories. Not because I think they and their voters are bad people but you know ... our politics are a joke at the moment. Its everything. The parties, leader, the media are a joke.

Omg its a joke!

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Monkeydust Thu 20-Apr-17 22:30:01

I dont trust any of them but then again who does?

I live in a area were a shortage of primary and secondary schools is a real issue.
I live in a area were lack of jobs is a real issue
I live in a area were social housing is gold dust
I live in a area were minimum wage is all thats available
I live in a area were I struggle to get my daughter a doctors appointment

I live in a area that feels austerity. Its real to me sometimes I feel that politics seems more about who comes out with the best insult rather then whos going to help everyone.

Who will help the working class get a home in london?
Or the 18 year olds get a job in the small towns?
Who is going to create jobs? And help the economy?
Help child poverty and homelessness?

It seems real politics has been lost under the drama of extremists on both ends seeing who can shout the loudest

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RufusTheRenegadeReindeer Sun 23-Apr-17 19:42:01

I had forgotten that PIE thing monkey

Might have a google to remind myself

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