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Trump and US Politics- from an American POV

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TrueBlueDem Fri 17-Mar-17 22:00:26

Hi ladies, I've seen a lot of posts on here about Trump. I'm a registered Democrat (American) living in the DC suburbs. I'm willing to answer any questions I can, I'm fairly well-versed in politics and active in the liberal community.

So...yes. I voted for Clinton, and was just as shocked as everyone else when Orange Hitler won. I've never been so embarrassed and ashamed to be an American as I have been these past 7 weeks (OMG has it only been 7 weeks???? Feels like 7 years!). sad

I want to make one thing very clear.... only about 19% of the US population voted for Trump (after counting out a large number who idiots who didn't get off their ass to vote). How did this happen? Because of the Electoral College. Because of the EC not doing it's job. Because of Russia hacking and influence. Because of Comey (FBI). Because of Hillary hate (from both Republicans and far left Dems). There are a bunch of reasons it happened, and now we're stuck with this disgrace of a so-called President.

Not all Trump voters are the rabid racist rednecks that you see at his rallies. My sister voted for Trump...and yes, I was screaming and crying when I found out. I am very close to my sister, always have been. She doesn't like Trump at all really....she voted for him because her husband makes 6 figures and they want the tax breaks. Yep, that's why (insert exploding head emoji!). There are also many who were willing to look the other way at all the craziness and ugliness because they thought Trump would make a difference in their lives- these were mostly rural whites who are struggling economically etc. Trump sold himself as a populist to these people, and they believed it. Many of them are now regretting their votes, esp since the Repubs are trying to push through a horrible bill to strip healthcare from 20+ million Americans, many of whom ironically tend to be Trump voters (see ACA repeal).

I'm scared to turn on the news each night, for fear there is some new scandal in the White House, some new crazy, disrespectful, or dangerous thing Trump has said or instigated. Or some new horrible bill the Republicans are trying to push through. I'm so stressed out by it all.

He's NOT my President. It was a stolen election and he is a false President. And I'm not just spouting partisan talking points. The contacts between Trump and the Russians started way before the election. They go deep.

I feel as though I am living in some alternative world. Where's my America? I know she's not dead...the majority of us here in the States LOATHE Trump. He does have his rabid base of supporters, but they are a minority.

You know what? No, you don't have to respect him because he's the American President (who again, was not elected fairly). I'm American and fucking hate him with the intensity of 1,000 suns. When the leader of another country speaks out against him or refuses to meet with him, I and many other Americans CHEER!!! He's a FRAUD and does NOT represent us or our values. If you know the history of Donald Trump, he is a soulless human being who has a long history of racism, misogyny, corruption, and screwing over the little man (working people). He's a wannabe dictator. He's a born and bred New Yorker, and New Yorkers hate him more than anyone. He's booed on the streets in NY.

But we do have a growing Resistance! It's giving me hope. We may have hope if Republicans in the House and Senate start opposing him, which they won't be doing out of the goodness of their hearts or some new-found, it will be because they don't want to ousted in the 2018 midterm elections. If Trump isn't impeached before 2018 (and he most likely won't be since the Republicans control the House and Senate right now), we have a good chance of things starting to turn for the better in the 2018 midterms. Democrats and the Resistance movement are working hard to turn Red seats into Blue in 2018! smile

What is happening here right now is amazing. Hundreds and hundreds of registered Dems are turning out to run in local and State races....hundreds of people are turning up at town halls in Red states and the Republican politicians are scared to show their faces and many haven't been showing up out of fear! Whey they do show up, the people chant and yell things like "DO YOUR JOB!". The atmosphere is electric!!! This part DOES have me excited. I'm just scared Trump will do a tremendous amount of damage before he's either impeached or his term ends.

For those who have an interest in what's going on over here in what is currently the Trump Shit Show, check out Rachel Maddow of MSNBC or Lawrence O'Donnell (also of MSNBC) on YouTube if you can. They are liberal-leaning news shows (but based in FACT, unlike Faux - I mean Fox - News) that go way deep into what is going on. Rachel esp breaks down stories so that one understands every tiny detail and background on what is going on politically.

Also, check out my favorite: It's also a liberal leaning news site that is a wealth of info on US politics!

Hope this was helpful. smile

MsAmerica Wed 05-Apr-17 21:05:55

Well, I'm a Democrat living in New York City, and I think the Electoral College was a minor element, in comparison with the problems of ignorant voters, Russian meddling, and Comey's odd anti-Hillary reveal.

And I think the path of resistance might possibly be better of backing decent Democratic candidates with some track record, rather than flooding the market with novices.

SuckItUpSnowflake Thu 20-Apr-17 11:33:05

Gee, it's almost as if the internet to find out our own information doesn't actually exist.

And "ladies"?

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