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Kudos to everyone who signed the petition to Parliament,

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MsAmerica Tue 31-Jan-17 23:52:02

proposing rejecting the Trump visit due to "misogyny and vulgarity>'

Keep up the good work!

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cdtaylornats Thu 02-Feb-17 18:09:25

And to the people who signed the petition for a Trump visit.

Personally when he visits I hope they host it in Winter at Balmoral.

He has Scottish roots so appropriate
Sturgeon will go ballistic -- aand should be invited
The soft lefty Southerners will find the Scottish Winter chalenging

FlyMeToTheMoonLiterally Thu 02-Feb-17 23:23:47

MsAmerica, I'm with you, so are millions of Brits, most people are decent and the few shit ones aren't worth worrying about

cdtaylornats Fri 03-Feb-17 00:03:18

The problem is you aren't going to be seen as rejecting the man, Americans will take it as an insult to the office.

Frankly if we can invite Martin McGuinness to meet the Queen I don't see a problem with Trump

Nor do I remember hordes objecting to state visits from
President Xi of China
Sheikhs from Saudi, Qatar, UAE and Kuwait

We would do well to remember he was democratically elected and is implementing what he said he would.

If you want to complain about misogyny - take on the Islamic nations.

Windingdown Fri 03-Feb-17 23:03:12

Do you really not see a problem with Trump?

cdtaylornats Fri 03-Feb-17 23:56:35

Of course there is a problem with Trump but its never stopped us inviting people before.

We need Trump to be onside - to support NATO for one.

Trump hasn't done anything that other countries leaders haven't done.
For example if you visit Israel and get an Israeli stamp in your passport you wont be allowed into Iran, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.
If you are Israeli you wont be allowed to enter 16 middle eastern countries.
You may note that 6 of those countries are ones Trump has banned.
Trump has implemented a ban for 90 days, the above bans are permanent.

Why are you disrespecting the democratic choice of the American people?

Why do you have more of a problem with Trump than the leaders I listed?

ArcheryAnnie Sat 04-Feb-17 00:07:27

cdtaylornats plenty of people have protested about all those leaders that you mentioned. Not as many, not as well reported, perhaps, but plenty did.

But even if Trump was the first one protested against - do you really think that nobody can object to anything unless they've objected to absolutely everything else, too? Where would anyone be able to start, then?

Me, I don't want a grand national welcome given to a man like that. We'd be an entire bloody nation of Neville Chamberlains if we did.

lljkk Sat 04-Feb-17 17:42:24

I signed the petition.
I have extra skin in the game.
I'm American. (also dual British).
I didn't vote for this Creep.
No democratic election put Steve Bannon in power.
I will be protesting any way I can and hope that lots of people join in.

Fascinating article about cabinet splits for us political geeks.

cdtaylornats Sat 04-Feb-17 18:35:55

At least with Donald and Mickey in the White House it will be interesting.

As for protesting everything - I just think the left wing are getting wound up over US politics and I don't think it would be much different if Hilary had one as a Republican Senate and Congress wouldn't let her do anything much.

FreeNiki Mon 13-Feb-17 11:22:15

Why are you disrespecting the democratic choice of the American people?


I am sick to death of hearing about Trump. Nothing to do with us.

It is distracting people from our own home grown issues.

They wanted him as their leader it's done now. It really is none of our business.

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