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Senior bishop says Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph presentation of Brexit judges like something from Nazi Germany

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flowersandsunshine Sun 06-Nov-16 14:51:16

flowersandsunshine Sun 06-Nov-16 16:23:25

Another nice comment on the topic here:

"Lord Macdonald of River Glaven QC, a former director of public prosecutions, said: “These are risible and constitutionally illiterate attacks from politicians who should know better. The high court has reaffirmed the sovereignty of parliament within the rule of law. In other words, it has fulfilled precisely its most critical function in a democratic society. The idea that judges would be better employed kowtowing to the executive is shameful heresy from political pygmies.”"

flowersandsunshine Sun 06-Nov-16 16:24:03

MardyBra Sun 06-Nov-16 16:25:57

Do you have an opinion though OP? Normally people start threads because they want to discuss something, rather than just post links.

cdtaylornats Sun 06-Nov-16 21:06:20

It would be more like Nazi germany if people weren't allowed to attack judges.

While the judges have affirmed he sovereignty of parliament it remains to be seen if parliament will uphold the sovereignty of the people.

flowersandsunshine Sun 06-Nov-16 21:09:44

It would be more like Nazi germany if people weren't allowed to attack judges.


You don't know much about Nazi Germany, do you.

Believe me (my father grew up there), it was not a country known for respecting the independence of the judiciary, no.

flowersandsunshine Sun 06-Nov-16 21:10:18

MardyBra - I'm with the bishop on this. Sorry, I thought that was obvious.

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