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Corbyn's Principles

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SoloD Thu 13-Oct-16 10:21:25

We are constantly told that Corbyn has principles and that we can trust him because of this.

I think it is very interesting to look at his "principled" view on Russian action in Syria.

Boris (not my favourite person after BREXIT) suggested that people should be protesting outside the Russian Embassy. This was based not just on the carpet bombing of Aleppo, but really on the Russian airstrikes on a UN aid convey, and the Russian support for a regime which has used chemical weapons against it's own civilian population.

I suppose what Boris has in mind was something like this...

Stop the War Coalition (founded by Corbyn and until recently he was the head) was less than enthusiastic. Chris Nineham, the vice-chairman of the anti-war campaign group, which Corbyn chaired before he became Labour leader, said the government was fuelling anti-Russian sentiment in an attempt to justify an escalation of British military intervention.

Lets just remind ourselves that Medecins sans Frontieres stopped informing Russia where it has set up hospitals because it thought it less risky to have them hit by accident than targetted by Russian war planes.

Corbyn, the man of Principle himself stated Boris's call "diverts attention” from other atrocities in the country, including those committed by the US-led coalition, a spokesman for the Labour leader has said.

I am sorry but the US is not hitting UN conveys, it is not targeting civilians, it is not dropping barrel bombs on schools, it is not weaponising refugees, and it is not using chemical weapons. But Corbyn is trying to make an moral equivalence.

Corbyn's principles are anti american, anti western. He is intensely relaxed about war as long as it's not a US led war. He wants the UK out of NATO and subservient to Putin it appears. Heaven help us if he gets elected.

TolpuddleFarterOATB Thu 13-Oct-16 10:27:32

Totally agree with you

EnthusiasmDisturbed Thu 13-Oct-16 22:23:54

There is nothing principled about Jeremy Corbyn

He is an agitator who has made a career out of making a stand against the west while befriending terrorists hmm

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