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What we have learned from this Labour Party conference

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SoloD Mon 26-Sep-16 09:15:25

Don't get me wrong. I want to see a Labour party which is a government in waiting, capable and in a position with voters to win. That is the real way to hold the government to account.


1. We have John McDonnell calling a female MP a "a stain on humanity" and then an hour later saying that he was right to say this. Same McDonnell who called the IRA heroes.

2. The Labour Friends of Israel stand getting anti Semitic abuse (in the conference)

3. Corbyn being in favour of war crimes trails of British Soldiers, and added to which memorabilia being sold in the conference mocking injured soldiers, which to my mind is frankly sick what ever you thought of the Iraq & Afgan wars).

4. Corbyn opposes more staff at MI5, same Corbyn who called terrorist organisations HAMAS and Hezbollah his friends.

5. McDonnell has pledged to to borrow in the short term for long-term investment and the "prosperity of the future". Given that the UK has an enormous debt which accumulated without bring us economic prosperity to pay down the debt, how does the Labour party work out that borrowing another enormous amount of money is going to work this time? It just does not make sense.



SoloD Mon 26-Sep-16 09:41:56

There are some really excellent labour MPs, but there is something very wrong when they fear going to their own conference.

HappydaysArehere Mon 26-Sep-16 10:08:50

Momentum has high jacked the Labour Party and used the nieve to fuel an ever increasing popularity for Corbyn. However, he is being used by Macdonald and McClusky et al. He isn't a leader and they know it. They are doing the leading and using his demands for all things wonderful to lead themselves into a hard left position of power. This is NOT the Labour Party that I have voted for all my adult life. All I can hope is that the Party do split and the real Labour Part emerges into a credible opposition with a real leader.

HappydaysArehere Mon 26-Sep-16 10:22:37

Naive is what I should have written. Only realised when I looked at it again! Bit like the Momentum party when eventually they have a chance to look at what they have really voted for.

EnthusiasmDisturbed Mon 26-Sep-16 11:08:26

That a kinder politics is political spin that Corbyn has no intention of keeping to and that is clearer than ever

As he also announced the vast majority of (elected) MP's do not need to fear de-selection

if it isn't clear to people now that he is totally reforming the Labour Party to a left wing party and is willing to ignore the electorate and those that have worked for years for the Labour Party and its his way or the highway then it should be clear in the next few months

SoloD Mon 26-Sep-16 13:50:25

I am begiging to believe that Corbyn is the British version of Donald Trump, both anti globalisation, both harking back to an past era of manufacturing, both anti interventionist, both fans of Putin, both seem to be attached to thugs and misogynists.

I am not anti Labour, there are some good political thinkers there who are worth listening to and should be challenging government policy to unsure that bad policy is highlighted and stripped out. I don't think they are going to be able to do this effectively at the moment. Sad.

cdtaylornats Mon 26-Sep-16 14:34:16

the vast majority of (elected) MP's do not need to fear de-selection

But most of them will be involved in areas where there are boundary changes and new selections may happen where boundaries have changed.

KarlosKKrinkelbeim Mon 26-Sep-16 14:43:11

I think that Corbyn supporters do share a great deal in common with the supporters of Trump, most obviously in their disregard of any fact that undermines the narrative they have chosen to construct around their saviour. Look at the reaction to the train incident - Corbyn transparently lies, is shown clearly to have done so, reacts to this by threatening the person responsible for exposing him, yet his popularity suffers not one jot. these people are credulous fools and even implosion at the ballot box will teach them nothing. As my dear FIL so often notes, you can't educate swine.

Vistaverde Mon 26-Sep-16 17:13:32

That Seamus Milne is pulling the strings

Why you would deliberately upset one of Corbyn's supporters in the PLP I have no idea.

Garthmarenghi Mon 26-Sep-16 18:37:23

It's like an Alan Bleasdale satire. But just not very funny.

HappydaysArehere Tue 27-Sep-16 09:49:16

It's terrifying. I am really depressed. Of course they are asking for Party unity. It is their only chance to pursue their goal. I beg the Labour Party - not this Marxist crew - to band together as a separate party. For the first time EVER I thank the SNP for being a credible force in Scotland. At least they can keep Corbyn et al out there and hopefully save the UK.
Meanwhile, after a life time of supporting Labour I will have to vote Tory. I cannot believe it! Angela Eagle would have had more of a chance than the outsider Owen Smith. He didn't help.sad

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