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Well done Labour NEC - Corbyn can stand

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claig Tue 12-Jul-16 20:02:48

They have voted 18-14 to allow Corbyn to stand in the leadership election.

One less stitch-up in a season os stitch-ups.

Go Corbyn!

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ThroughThickAndThin01 Tue 12-Jul-16 20:05:50

Oh good, but that was close.

Dutchcourage Tue 12-Jul-16 20:06:59


claig Tue 12-Jul-16 20:07:48

'Oh good, but that was close.'

Yes. The Establishment MPs also managed to get it to be a secret ballot which was bad news for Corbyn, but he still won it.

Hopefully, Corbyn will win and take control of the party.

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Northernlurker Tue 12-Jul-16 20:11:16

And how is Corbyn going to control the party? By his supporters putting bricks through windows and threatening deselection of anyone who suggests maybe he isn't that appealing to voters who we need to switch to Labour? What a triumph for democracy that will be!

claig Tue 12-Jul-16 20:13:02

'And how is Corbyn going to control the party?'

Mandatory re-selection

'By his supporters putting bricks through windows'

I doubt that was one of his supporters.

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MangosteenSoda Tue 12-Jul-16 20:14:52

Bad decision.

The country needs a viable opposition, and whatever one's politics and whether or not Corbyn has had the easiest ride, his position is untenable.

To lead you need the confidence of the membership and of the pp. It's a time of crisis, things are changing fast and Labour need to effectively respond. This will not work.

claig Tue 12-Jul-16 20:15:37

Union official from Transport and Salaried Workers on Sky, who supports Corbyn, says that 80% of constituency Labour parties support Corbyn and that Angela Eagle's own CLP backs Corbyn.

Now Corbyn has to get real and take back control

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claig Tue 12-Jul-16 20:17:24

Corbyn on Sky looking very confident and cheerful. He is really growing into the job and relishing the challenge of trouncing the Establishment MPs.

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claig Tue 12-Jul-16 20:20:02

Sky reporter says "Corbyn is clearly elated, you can see that"

Corbyn is growing in confidence, he is elated, he had a very confident interview with BBC Establishment Andrew Marr on Sunday where he ran rings around Marr who was using everything he could think of to come out on top.

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claig Tue 12-Jul-16 20:21:22

Sky reporter says "I haven't seen Corbyn look this cheerful in a few weeks"

170 Establishmentarians vs Corbyn

Go Corbyn!

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bakingaddict Tue 12-Jul-16 20:22:54

I don't think any one politician is bigger than the party and Corbyn should have stepped down for the greater good of the party. He can't take back control of something he lost a long time ago. If he remains as leader, Labour will be in the wilderness for years.

claig Tue 12-Jul-16 20:26:37

' don't think any one politician is bigger than the party and Corbyn should have stepped down for the greater good of the party'

Corbyn was elected leader by the Labour members (the people). The Establishment Labour MPs are only MPs because they are standing for the Labour Party, not because the public or Labour members think they are any good.

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ThroughThickAndThin01 Tue 12-Jul-16 20:27:09

But there's no viable alternative. Angela Eagle, well she seems ok but not leadership material.

Who are the heavyweights, and where are they?

BabyGanoush Tue 12-Jul-16 20:28:19

I find Corbyn more electable than Eagle

charleybarley Tue 12-Jul-16 20:30:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

claig Tue 12-Jul-16 20:31:29

If Corbyn takes control of the party, then in a head to head with Theresa May, I think the people will prefer Corbyn, especially now that he is growing in confidence and using humour and letting his personality emerge.

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titchy Tue 12-Jul-16 20:32:13

The Democrats is apparently the new name charley....

Bohemond Tue 12-Jul-16 20:36:46

Claig you re taking the piss.
As a Tory voter I welcome this - go Corbyn! And go Eagle for that matter.

RiverTam Tue 12-Jul-16 20:37:46

9 million people voted for those MPs in the last election. They didn't vote for Corbyn, and they won't, especially if Corbyn doesn't stop being so arrogant and if he doesn't rein in his Momentum thugs. When was the last time Britian voted in an ultra-left-wing government, remind me again? And where exactly was he on the day our PM resigned, again? Oh yes, at some do for Cuba. FFS.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Tue 12-Jul-16 20:38:19

The people wont prefer Corbyn. Currently he's a has-been. He needs to bide his time or reinvent himself. They are shell shocked and looking for a new UK leader.

In a year or so, well who knows.

It's a shame Ed Miliband didn't come onto the scene now (rather than displacing his brother) he'd go down an absolute storm.

Laselva Tue 12-Jul-16 20:39:04

Cheers Jeremy, the Labour party might vote you in, but the public won't. You might win the battle but the war will be lost. Brexit means workers rights will no longer be protected by Europe and you are handing the next 8+ years to the tories to do as they want.

chosenone Tue 12-Jul-16 20:41:11

Good smile... many people will be happy and he can now try to win the middle ground over. He has a huge following

claig Tue 12-Jul-16 20:41:47

'Claig you re taking the piss.'

Not at all.

Remember that it was Corbyn who said that Article 50 should be invoked immediately and who was lukewarm on Remain. Corbyn is more confident and less aloof and is getting better at the media than Theresa May is.

Corbyn doesn't need to be seen to be tough, he is confident in his skin, so there will be no pointless tough talk on wars or removing civil liberties etc.

Corbyn will offer better housing, better health care, state aid to the steel industry etc.

Corbyn's only negative is on immigration where he is still wedded to the belief of open door immigration. If he can change on that, then Corbyn beats May very easily.

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Redactio Tue 12-Jul-16 20:43:57

I voted for him last time, and will do so again. Mind you I am a Tory.

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