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New PM by the end of the day / week?

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WordGetsAround Mon 11-Jul-16 11:54:54

Interesting news about Leadsom pulling out the race. Think it's for the best though.

Could we have our next PM within days?

TheDailyMailareabunchofcunts Mon 11-Jul-16 11:57:51

I think she didn't engage her brain before she opened her mouth. Not a good thing.

Whatever though, having the certainty of who is the next pm is a good thing and hopefully will stabilise things a bit. Fwiw I order TM out of the 2 of them.

Just need labour to sort their fucking mess out and then we may get a functioning parliament

DoloresVanCartier Mon 11-Jul-16 12:04:03

Jesus!!! TM, well she's rude bed the emergency services, I'll now watch as she ruins the rest of the country. I cannot stand that woman! The only time I've ever agreed with the vile Katie Hopkins was when she spoke about TM last week!! One thing is if she is the leader of the tories, then they have lost the vote of every emergency service worker!!

DoloresVanCartier Mon 11-Jul-16 12:04:23

* ruined

WordGetsAround Mon 11-Jul-16 12:07:48

I agree TheDailyMailareabunchofcunts, I think the quick turn around in leader will help with stability. I was never a great May fan, but am pleased she's well supported by the Tory MPs.

Labour really need to get themselves sorted though.

MiddleClassProblem Mon 11-Jul-16 12:08:10

Either way Cameron will need to serve out his hand over period so to speak.

polyhymnia Mon 11-Jul-16 14:36:25

Sorry, what precisely did she do to 'emergency workers'? Genuinely don't know.

pigsDOfly Mon 11-Jul-16 15:23:06

Am very relieved Leadsom is out of the picture.

Not crazy about TM but I actually think she's going to be the person to get the best leaving deal for the country.

Hopefully now the CP has got a leader with the backing of the majority of their MPs maybe somebody will start running the country again. The situation at the moment is total chaos, someone tough is needed to take charge.

Hopefully, this has broken up the 'old boy's network' a bit as well, but that remains to be seen.

What we need now is for Labour to get a credible leader but not sure how they're going to achieve that tbh unless Corben is abducted by aliens and the LP discover a decent leader hiding under a rock somewhere.

pigsDOfly Mon 11-Jul-16 15:25:28

*Corbyn not Corben

claig Mon 11-Jul-16 16:04:57

Theresa May to be next PM on Wednesday evening

DoloresVanCartier Mon 11-Jul-16 16:43:09

The police specifically... She had the terms and conditions that they signed when they joined were torn up and their pensions have been looted!!

polyhymnia Mon 11-Jul-16 17:34:04

Really - must google all that. Though I am not a Tory, I did admire her for taking on the Police Fed, though, which has always been the sort of organisation that gives trade unions a bad name.

MangoMoon Mon 11-Jul-16 18:59:59

The same was done to the armed forces too re pension reduction, drastic changes to terms of service & career conditions etc, but nobody really heard about that as they're not allowed a union to fight for them, no right to strike and are just expected to suck it up.

MangoMoon Mon 11-Jul-16 19:00:47

Sorry, that post was just to point out that there were changed across all of the public services, not just police.

MangoMoon Mon 11-Jul-16 19:01:03


TheoriginalLEM Mon 11-Jul-16 19:03:04

i love the irony of this. many leave campaigners saying they wanted out due to the eu being undemocratic with unelected leaders.......reap what we sow much??

DoloresVanCartier Mon 11-Jul-16 19:25:44

Mango, I did say emergency services earlier, I only wrote about the police as its what she's done to me personally, but to be fair I didn't know about the armed services

MangoMoon Mon 11-Jul-16 20:06:13

I wasn't having a pop Dolores, sorry!
Just having a moan about how many of public services have been screwed over really.

DoloresVanCartier Mon 11-Jul-16 21:17:58

Oh no mango I didn't think you were and I wasn't being snippy, funny how sometimes you can misinterprete the tone of text grin

MangoMoon Mon 11-Jul-16 21:26:20

It's rubbish isn't it!

DoloresVanCartier Mon 11-Jul-16 21:44:00

I know! I once spent time with a friend who had suffered a bereavement and I sent a text saying "even though it was sad circumstances, thank you for a great night"

And she replied

"No thanks to you"

Well I nearly fell off the chair!!! Of course on clarification (about a week later as I was so worried I had upset her) she had just not put a comma after the no!!!

MangoMoon Mon 11-Jul-16 21:53:38

Dolores grin
Proper lol'd at that.
Your poor friend! (And you!)

Motheroffourdragons Mon 11-Jul-16 22:28:36

Isn't this a bit of a coup? TM is unelected even by the party and now she is PM? I'm sure she'd have won anyway but still,it doesn't seem very democratic to me.

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