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Journalist Geraldine Smith admits she made a mistake about muslim integration into France

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tawse57 Sat 11-Jun-16 23:25:18

Former journalist, specializing in Africa, Geraldine Smith is a woman of the left. In the 1990s she moved into a working class district of Paris, the famous Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud between the 11 and 20th arrondisments. Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud is today held up as an example of integration between the Muslim immigrant community and France. In her head she had a dream of a world where different cultures and social classes could live together in harmony.

First thing she realized: the local public school was a hell hole, so much so that she sent her son to the a private catholic school next to the famous Omar mosque, today known as hotbed of salafism. At the school she began to talk to other parents from different backgrounds and started to realize that not everything was rosy in her garden of multiculturalism.

Expatriated to the United States, shocked by the terrorist attacks in Paris, she has written an account of her time in the capital in a district where the bakers address you in Arabic and serve men in priority over women no matter where they are in the queue. A district where she was insulted by an Islamist because she was drinking coke in public[1], a district where women are afraid to wear dresses or leave their legs or arms uncovered, a district where Muslims pray in the street despite there being room in the mosques, a district where the local catholic school cancelled trips because Muslim parents didn't want boys or girls to mix.

It has been hard for her to admit the naivety of her dreams "I was wrong, I confused coexistence, which, it is true, can be more or less peaceful, with integration. I wrongly thought that tolerance without limits was the best way to help immigrants and their kids integrate. The area where I lived has gone to the dogs because of people like me, we thought we were fantastically open minded whereas in fact we were just naive. Tolerance is in fact just not wanting to face reality." A few days ago Geraldine was going to do a book signing in the district where she lived, but it has been cancelled following pressure from liberal lefties.

Tolerance yes, but not for everyone, even less for those who speak the truth.

Rue Jean Pierre Timbaud - Une vie de famille entre barbus et bobos. Geraldine Smith. Editions Stock.

TooMuchMNTime Sat 11-Jun-16 23:52:17

alas, short of putting the whole thing into Google translate...! hopefully another paper will translate it. Sounds like a horrible experience.

tawse57 Sun 12-Jun-16 00:16:12

Sadly, this is increasingly common across European and UK cities. Here in the UK the likes of the BBC, ITN News and Sky News simply are not reporting what is going on in Europe.

They are, IMPO, deliberately turning a blind eye to the rapes, and gang-rapes, of Western Women in Sweden, Germany, in other EU countries and now, sadly, also here in the UK.

I think every woman should be horrified by how women's rights are being eroded by the mass influx of migrants into Europe. Rapes, and gang-rapes, have soared in the past 12 months in Germany. Sweden has seen a 1,500% increase in rape making it now the second most dangerous country on Earth for women and girls - it was hailed as the safest country on Earth for women up until a few short years ago.

Here in the UK there have been numerous rapes, and even gang-rapes, by men in recent months but the Police have refused to issue the ethnic background of the suspects. If the suspects are white males then their ethnic background is reported. But, for reasons that we all can only guess, if the suspects are of a Middle Eastern background often the Police seem to go silent. How on earth can anyone help catch such people?

There seems to be a cancer of political correctness in this country now that is eroding the hard-fought for rights, freedoms and equality of British women and British girls. I find it very worrying.

Only tonight I was reading about a 14 year old British girl who has been allegedly assaulted by 4 migrant males.

Another report, out of Germany today, is about 3 schoolgirls who were regularly and repeatedly sexually assaulted by a group of migrant men starting as far back as September of 2015 but, because the girls had been taught in school not to discriminate against migrants they were afraid to tell anyone what was happening.

I am reminded of photos of women in Afghanistan and Iran in the mid-1970s. Women in such photos were wearing Western clothing and had Western hairstyles. Many worked as doctors, teachers, lawyers and scientists. But, because no one spoke out against the Islamic fanatics, within a few short years all the rights and freedoms of millions of Women in those countries had been stripped away from them.

You insult women. You call them whores and other terrible things. You shout at them and threaten them for not covering their heads with scarves or for wearing anything but a burka. You grope, molest, bully and intimidate and, before we all know it, our political correctness and own tolerance has been used against us to take away our rights, to enslave us and to reduce us to, well, something less.

The women in Afghanistan and Iran thought it would never happen to them. It can happen here too. In fact, it already appears to be happening across Europe and also, I fear, here in the UK also.

In the first 6 months of 2016 there were 1200 recorded female genital mutilations in the UK. Goodness alone knows what the real figure is.

TooMuchMNTime Sun 12-Jun-16 15:20:15

My dad made a point about idenituty cover ups, do you think it stops the police putting out witness appeals?

I agree it is very worrying but I don't know what we can do when so many people, including women, insist on covering it up and pretending there's no problem. I'm quite vocal about it in real life myself but there's a strong sense of people wanting to cover up the culture clash problems.

BungoWomble Sun 12-Jun-16 22:50:13

I was thinking just the other day about how many niqabs there seem to be on British streets nowadays. Islamic fundamentalism is by definition anti-women, and it needs tackling.

I'd quite like to know where you're reading about soaring rapes and gang-rapes though tawse.

TooMuchMNTime Sun 12-Jun-16 22:59:58

yes, Bungo and unfortunately one such woman approached me, at my shoulder, at the bus stop. She was only going to ask a question about the route, but I couldn't help jumping out of my skin.

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