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The women who pluck your tea are revolting!

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ZukiLJ Sat 07-Nov-15 17:54:25

I was recently in Munnar, a beautiful part of South India, where tea is grown. I was born and brought up there. While I was visiting thousands of women workers went on strike to protest against a cut in their bonus. This led me to start researching and I was horrified to discover the truth behind our comforting cuppas. These women face hard, unforgiving work plucking tea on steep hillsides facing leeches, snakes and even elephants. They're paid £2-£3 a day and are given rations and small houses to live in. This near-slavery has been going on since British colonial times. Their employers are just as trapped in the situation as they are since tea has become a cheap commodity. These brave women have stood up to their employers, male-dominated trade unions and politicians to voice their protest. How can we support them? Any ideas welcome. More info here:
I've also written a couple of blogs about it:

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