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Any thoughts on the equality and human rights report?

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Leavingsosoon Sat 31-Oct-15 16:32:10

The link is here:‘winners-and-losers’-progress-towards-equality-great-britain

I'd be really interested in any insights!

squidzin Sat 07-Nov-15 10:08:35

Some of this is quite worrying. It highlights the growing divide between younger and older people.

It states that since the recession, younger people experienced the steepest fall in income, access to housing and jobs, and deepening poverty. This group has yet to recover, while older people have experienced general improvement in their lives.

Younger people are renting in an over-inflated housing market, and job searching in an over-saturated jobs market.

Rent control would help. I've always thought there should be better regulation of the housing market, i.e. It should be illegal to own a property and intentionally leave it unoccupied (ie owned purely for investment). Or if it's your "second home" you should actually bloody use it or sell it.

If we had any sort of manufacturing industry in the uk (rather than importing everything and anything ftom China and closing down all industry) there would be more jobs at all levels, and gdp would grow.

Being poor, white and male seems to be the biggest disadvantage confused.
This has been observed for a while now, but you don't hear that much about it in the mainstream. There's a lot of pressure on young boys growing up in modern society but fewer and fewer tangible opportunities. Also far stronger drugs, which are far more easily available than ever before!

But being an older woman still sees you earning less than the male equivalent. No changes there then.

Companies I think are now being made to disclose pay. They are in the USA from 2018 not sure about here though. This should effectively sort out embarrassing and sexist pay differences.

Interesting report, I'd not seen this website before either, thanks.

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