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Did it come up in Prime Ministers Questions

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wannabelolly Thu 24-Sep-15 23:08:04

You know what

Isitmebut Thu 24-Sep-15 23:29:42

Neither Corbyn's incompetence or Cameron's willy arose, as there was no PMQT this week - for those that tuned in, we got the Lib Dem Tim-nice-but-dim Fallon big speech to Labour MPs thinking of defecting now, or before they get wiped out at local elections next year.

wannabelolly Thu 24-Sep-15 23:51:46

So why was there no PMQT? Was Dave ill?

MegCleary Thu 24-Sep-15 23:58:21

Conference season

MegCleary Fri 25-Sep-15 00:00:42

And apologize for missing the he had swine flu joke

UnGoogleable Fri 25-Sep-15 11:06:32

Nicely timed that, the release of PigGate ahead of a week where parliament is on recess and therefore no PMQs.

Anyone would think it had been planned that way.

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