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So at Torie HQ, their PR/Communications/Spin department must surely be on a war footing?

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FootprintsOnMarble Wed 23-Sep-15 19:39:46

Everywhere I go I hear about David Camerons indiscretion with a dead pig, and I haven't quite made my mind up yet in regard to its validity. He is not the first unpopular leader- so why have we not heard accusations this abhorrent before directed at previous PMs? And even if the pig thing is not true, the other claims are equally damning(ie- burning a fifty pound note in front of a homeless person). But it doesn't really matter if its true does it? Somehow he has been irrevocably contaminated- people believe that he COULD have committed this vile act. Thats a kill shot in itself. I really can't tell if he has been a good or bad leader or if this country is better of worse for him being at the helm. But even if he was made of the same stuff as President Bartlett he will always be the 'pig guy'. No wonder he announced this term would be his last; he must have known this was coming and perhaps he believed that declaring his intention to step down might quell the petty instincts of a snubbed party backer. I dont see how he can win back from this- I imagine that in party HQ they have a real bunker mentality right now. I know hes out the country right now but metaphorically he's in that bunker with them, probably going crazy like Hitler did in his final days. Except that when Hitler took the cyanide his people tried to talk him out of it. In Camerons case there are ready, rubbing their hands together in anticipation, successors.

OhBuggerandArse Wed 23-Sep-15 19:54:50

'I really can't tell if he has been a good or bad leader or if this country is better of worse for him being at the helm.'

Try these two articles, which cut past the irrelevant salacious stuff and point out what the story tells us about power and its abuse.

Isitmebut Wed 23-Sep-15 22:57:40

Seven(?) posts of the same malicious and unproven bollicks, on Mumsnet Politics, by political activists of other parties with NO RECORD OF ECONOMIC (OR OTHER) SUCCESS, PROVES THEY HAVE NOTHING to offer the electorate, now or in the future.

Socialism had 13 unbroken years, with the money/gold of Midas, and the parliamentary majority to mould UK society EXACTLY how they wanted and they turned everything into lead, with not one department in 2010 left fit for purpose - how can ANY socialist party/ideology leave a few million of the poorest without homes or prospects - ever think they'll have answers for the future.

Someone once said that socialism works until it runs out of everyone else's money, well a honking great welfare state employing the rest of the world that was to fall apart at the first recession was not sustainable WHEN THERE WAS MONEY - so the 'debt monster' only thinks it has a chance if it can KEEP BORROWING ever more money, yet has such a dire spending record.

*If a socialist throwback to the 1970s/1980s is the UK answer, when the UK under Labour in 1976 called out the IMF to bail us out and we were known as 'the sick man of Europe', then god help us - and the Parliamentary Labour Party shitting their pants.

FootprintsOnMarble Wed 23-Sep-15 23:38:12

Seems to me your the one bringing the dirty S word into things, almost to the extent of being monomaniacal. Personally I believe in a more nuanced, less slogan dependent method of administering state. But Cameron did wilfully indulge in the politics of personality or even the cult of personality. I remember seeing his face on billboards inviting us to invest in brand Cam. There are consequences as a result of that ego driven, vanity project, smarmy, disingenuous posturing. He's experiencing them Surely a person who sits in the most important chair in the land must have a moral compass beyond reproach. Personally I would prefer a leader who had never indulged in abscisum caput porci infernales coitu.

ovenchips Wed 23-Sep-15 23:45:47

"Indiscretion with a pig".

What a fabulous way to describe it! It makes me think of someone saying "We just got carried away and couldn't help ourselves".

Though when the other body in that 'we' is a pig and possibly a dead one at that it takes the shine off the romance of it. IMHO grin

squidzin Wed 23-Sep-15 23:50:58

What comes out of this, piggate, etc etc which is most revealing, is how those of Oxbridge/Eton/Westminster genuinely and authentically expect to be able to buy themselves into positions of power.

Ohbuggerandarse has linked to good analysis.

We are not so much concerned by piggate as we are to the elites expectation of bought-but-unearned-power.

MargoReadbetter Wed 23-Sep-15 23:59:18

So Cameron gets a taste of his own medicine. See what happens when you're insulted and humiliated. Sad thing is, he'll learn nothing and neither will the small T tory voters, the ukipets, the daily mail bigots. They'll continue to drool over power and 'the elite'. Meanwhile, it's said, the PM *ed a pig.

Isitmebut Thu 24-Sep-15 00:06:06

squidzin your We are not so much concerned by piggate as we are to the elites expectation of bought-but-unearned-power.

How many Labour MP's from the leader upwards are financially 'sponsored' by the Trade Union bosses that Corbyn says will decide the next General Elections policies?

Who elected the trade unions to run the country in the 1970s/1980s, who elected them to run the country now?

Maybe if their supporters were more 'concerned' about the alternative, or serious policies that last more than a few weeks, they'd chose to channel their ideological issues back towards understanding their own parties dire record - before they can even start to understand how a country/economy should be run, sustainably.

Isitmebut Thu 24-Sep-15 00:09:04

"See what happens when you're insulted and humiliated."

I feel sorry for 'the humiliated', but one could argue that with Corbyn, the Labour Party movement brought it on themselves.

MargoReadbetter Thu 24-Sep-15 00:13:16

Go to bed.

30somethingm Thu 24-Sep-15 00:14:36

Isismebut perhaps works for Tory Party HQ? I've seen lots of ranting posts from him/her!

Incidentally I have little interest in politics, although I am traditionally a swing voter.

30somethingm Thu 24-Sep-15 00:16:12

All I know is the wrong people have too much power in this world.

MargoReadbetter Thu 24-Sep-15 00:27:08

30somethingm - if it's swinging you're after, I'm sure the Tories can accommodate. They seem very open minded, as are their supporters. HQ on the other thread, the one with the unanimous 'it's no big deal fucking a dead pig, my best friend has done it'

Isitmebut Thu 24-Sep-15 08:33:55

"Isismebut perhaps works for Tory Party HQ? I've seen lots of ranting posts from him/her!"

If I had a £ for every time some tosser accused me of working for Tory HQ just because I can factually prove the board is being fed socialist political rollocks, I'd be a very wealthy bunny.

Socialists need to stop trying to create an 'us and then' division to get votes and concentrate on new policies, or their record, to win General Elections.

But then again, when was the LAST time a socialist government left the UK economy in a better shape than when they came to power, the 1930's?

Please show me that I am wrong.

Second thoughts, peddling your slurry is ALL you have, keep up the smearing of slurry work.

XoticEngram Thu 24-Sep-15 20:02:47

I'm shell shocked and compared to that fucking a dead pigs head is nothing.
They say unemployment is down except I cant manage on my zero hours.
No one I know can.
He needs to go.

godsavethequeeeen Thu 24-Sep-15 22:26:51

Xotic - and he'll be replaced by Osbourne or Boris sad. That lot are all as bad as each other.

wannabelolly Thu 24-Sep-15 22:36:23

Boris maybe....he has the Marmite factor. Osbourne never. Cameron got in by luck of inept opposition. He inspires 'meh' mostly (except for the bit about him having sex with a pig), Osbourne inspires venom. Id put money on Grant Schnapps.

squidzin Thu 24-Sep-15 22:37:37

Ozzy Osbourne would b better.

wannabelolly Fri 25-Sep-15 00:05:07

Hitler would be better. At least he wouldn't pretend he's not going to do you harm.

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