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Social housing rents increased to market price - when?

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RattleAndRoll Wed 15-Jul-15 10:00:08


I've read that if you are in social housing and your household income is over (I think) 30k then your rent will be increased to market value.
Does anybody know when this will be coming into place? Is it April 16 like other changes, or April 17 like child benefit changes? Or another date? Or don't we know yet?

Thank you

Superexcited Wed 15-Jul-15 10:07:42

From what I have read on the budget summaries it seems that it is April 2017. I can't see it being before then as it is going to be quite complicated to vary the rent charges and tenants will no doubt need to provide proof of earnings to avoid a rent increase. The earnings limit for increased rent is going to be £30k outside of London and £40k inside London.
I do hope that they are going to do this on a sliding scale basis rather than a cliff edge where earning a single penny over the threshold equals a huge rent increase. I can only see the policy leading to an increase in people exercising their RTB. The govt really needed to stop the RTB scheme before even thinking about varying rent charges.

RattleAndRoll Wed 15-Jul-15 10:58:22

Thanks for replying super.
I'm only wondering as I go back to work soon (on ML) and we live in the SE, my wages will completely go on rent (plus some of DHs) if it was to increase to private rent prices around here so I don't know what to do. DH earns under the threshold. I was only going to do really, really part time (childcare would be more than my wages and mil can only help a few hours a week so these are the hours I'm returning for) but this takes us just over the threshold and so we'll lose money by me working as DH's wages will go down.
But then that makes me sound sneaky and like we can afford to privately rent but we can't.

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