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Who is best for lib dems?

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ConstanceBlackwood Sun 28-Jun-15 13:04:35

Just interested in what people think! Norman lamb has experience in government and I feel an affinity with his passion for mental health. However Tim farron is new blood and that might be better for the party. He's also a very compelling speaker from what I've seen.
I'm leaning towards Tim farron personally I think.

claig Sun 28-Jun-15 23:13:21

I agree, I think Tim Farron comes across better and is likely to win more votes from the public for the LibDems over time.

basgetti Sun 28-Jun-15 23:16:31

Norman Lamb. Tim Farron is likable but I don't like his voting record and views on certain issues.

ConstanceBlackwood Mon 29-Jun-15 07:28:59

Thanks for responding. I think it will be a close call!

CoffeeandChocolateplease Wed 01-Jul-15 20:53:44

I think I'm voting for Norman Lamb. Initially I thought Tim was the better speaker, but after watching their hustings speeches, I feel Norman is more in keeping with how I want a Lib Dem leader to be. I also agree with basgetti - I am a little concerned with how some of Tim's previous voting records match with his liberal values. Would he be able to put his personal views aside if they are not in keeping with something that is essentially liberal (thinking Equality act here)?

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