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Farage vs Oxbridge, the metropolitan elite and globalization

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claig Mon 25-May-15 21:20:37

Very good article by the editor of the Independent on Farage.

He gets some things right, but overdoes Farage's opposition to globalization, because immigration is only a small subset of globalization.

He says that the battle between Farage and Carswell is between nostalgia and modernity. But this is wrong - it is a battle between common sense and progressive politically correct metropolitan elite muddled, fashionable thinking. The editor, Amol Rajan, doesn't understand that because as he admits he is metropolitan elite and proud himself. He cannot see the big picture because he is in the metropolitan forest.

"It would be hard to overstate how rewarding a lunch companion Farage makes. He is mobbed most places he goes, whether by fans or foes. The first time we ate together — in the Wolseley, the favored canteen of London’s media class, located near the Ritz — several people spanning the generations and genders came up to him to offer support and thanks, or just to say hi. He is a celebrity now, and loves it. He is also a raconteur, with a bank of excellent anecdotes built up over several decades in business and politics, and a range of specialist subjects that is dazzling. He can talk for England, literally, on the key moments of both the Great and Second World War; he knows phenomenal amounts about cricket; and his knowledge of European politics is far more sophisticated than is suggested by his tub-thumping reputation
None of which makes us natural boozing partners, of course. I represent, and love, three things that Farage’s party has risen to prominence denouncing: immigration, globalization, and the much derided liberal metropolitan elite. I’m a proud version of the former and member of the last, and strong advocate for what goes in between.
My own father aside, Farage works harder and longer than anyone I have ever met. He does so while drinking and smoking more than any politician I know, and — perhaps most remarkable of all — enduring permanent and often acute neuralgic back pain.
Douglas Carswell, the Tory convert who sits for Clacton, and of whom more in a moment. The tension comes from the fact that Carswell, Mark Reckless (another Tory convert, but one who lost his seat), and Dan Hannan, a maverick Tory MEP, don’t want Farage to front the referendum campaign for the ‘Out’ (of Europe) camp. These Oxbridge “posh boys” believe there is a sober, pragmatic, and economic case to be made for British exit, or Brexit, and that Farage’s brand of populism is toxic to it. Having garnered those millions of votes, and worked tirelessly to build UKIP up from a bunch of loonies to the electoral force it is today, Farage quite understandably disagrees. Pride has kicked in, too
Nostalgia versus modernity: This is the conflict between Farage and Carswell.
Farage may be remembered in history not for a phantom civil war he unleashed within his own party, but a real civil war he fought within British conservatism itself — one that he ultimately lost, but not before a phenomenal effort, and several memorable lunches."

claig Mon 25-May-15 21:25:57

'These Oxbridge “posh boys” believe there is a sober'

I think the Amol Rajan gets this wrong. He seems to imply that Carwell is Oxbridge, but he didn't go there.

claig Mon 25-May-15 21:31:31

The question everyone in politics, everyone who works for the metropolitan elite and everyone who thinks they are the elite is asking is

"Can they stop Farage or will one man, with afag and a pint, end their entire game?"

It's too early to say yet. They breathed more easily when they heard he had resigned, but when he unresigned, their nightmare returned again!

claig Mon 25-May-15 21:43:34

The tactic the metropolitan elite, the metropolitan media, their BBC and the entire political class are using against Farage is to try and paint him as toxic.

Here is a Guardian editorial

"Mr Kassam’s departure will help those like Suzanne Evans, the deputy chair and author of the manifesto, who told the BBC that the party should diversify and become more inclusive. On the same programme, Mr Carswell suggested millions of voters who might have backed the party were put off by the Farage rhetoric."

The metropolitan elite must think that Farage and UKIP voters are stupid. Suzanne Evans and Carswell are jokes, they appeal to the metropolitan elite but not to UKIP voters.

If their strategy of painting Farage as toxic and Suzanne Evans and Carswell as the future fails, what do the metropolitan elite have left?

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