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High Speed 2 Rail Link – No ‘Flying Scots-people’ north of the border?

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Isitmebut Mon 25-May-15 01:00:58

Finally, something for SNP MP's to 'roar' about?

"SNP fury as HS2 finds 'no business case' for taking fast train service to Scotland"

I wonder if businesses in Scotland will come out strongly against an 'upgrade' of the current railway rather than the HS2 extension?

funnyossity Mon 25-May-15 06:18:30

I'm in the Northern Powerhouse and what would be more useful is an West to East High Speed line on an arc between Liverpool and Hull.

Scotland will be independent within a generation anyway. wink

Isitmebut Mon 25-May-15 14:49:12

funnyossity .... HS2 becomes 3,4,5, etc and without checking something I looked at a year or so back, I did think that East to West connections were in the original plan.

Scotland as you say will be fine and how could they not be with Ms Sturgeon's 'art of politics';

As having warned the Conservatives/Cameron before the General Election she had no interest in working with a 40 seat majority Tory government, said she wanted to freeze them out for power for good, and due to 1 Scottish MP (and 56 SNP) in Westminster so bragged Tories have no representation/rights within Scotland - it will be hard to then politically kiss arse (when all that 'roaring' gets no where) - and ask a Conservative government to overturn an independent financial assessment on viability. IMO.

Way to go Mrs Sturgeon, one of the 'costs' of all that vote winning bravado and pleasure of inflicting as much 56 seat hurt on the Westminster parties, as she could - within a parliament of 650 seats. Ooops.

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