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Bloody hell. UKIP have won Thanet district council.

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YorkieButtonsizeMen Sun 10-May-15 15:55:44

Thank GOD we don't live there. We count as Thanet North in a general election but in a local one we're outside the boundary by a long way.

Interesting to see what becomes of the place now.

Rivercam Sun 10-May-15 15:58:23

How many parish councillors?

YorkieButtonsizeMen Sun 10-May-15 16:00:24

UKIP won 33 seats, Conservatives 18, Labour four, and independents one - 29 seats were needed for a majority.

claig Sun 10-May-15 16:04:18

Is Thanet North next?

claig Sun 10-May-15 16:05:14

Sorry Thanet South, East and West, I meant

claig Sun 10-May-15 16:06:03

'Interesting to see what becomes of the place now.'

I expect it will be on the up!

YorkieButtonsizeMen Sun 10-May-15 16:09:45

It's hard to imagine it being on the down, Claig. It's appalling there. We're not in Thanet. We're near it, and get shoved in with it for a general election, that's all.

City council wise we're covered by somewhere else.

claig Sun 10-May-15 16:17:52

Appalling, blimey

Sounds like they could use UKIP to sort it out. Which party let it degenerate like that?

YorkieButtonsizeMen Sun 10-May-15 16:23:06

You jest not, I know. However I don't think it will help. I think it will cause further divisiveness, more violence and frankly if I were an immigrant living there, unless I was a hapless thug myself, I'd move out.

The irony of Thanet is that it's ruined by the tremendous numbers of w*nkers that live there. Yet they fail to see it's their fault it's a pigsty, and decide that it's all because of the immigrants.

Of course it is. hmm

Rivercam Sun 10-May-15 16:45:10

Is that mr Farage's stomping ground?

YorkieButtonsizeMen Sun 10-May-15 16:48:59

Yes very much so (not to live, just to advertise) He had rich pickings there.

Jobless123 Sun 10-May-15 16:51:49

claig, Thanet has been Labour since 2011, also 1995-2003. otherwise Conservative.

claig Sun 10-May-15 16:56:19

Thanks Jobless123, figures it would be one of those two (collectively known as the "shower")

YorkieButtonsizeMen Sun 10-May-15 18:57:50

Come off it Claig smile Margate's been a shithole for absolute ages. It's only in the last few years it's started to 'come up' as in be subject to articles by Guardian journos who have moved there and aren't sure if the galleries and cafes make it worthwhile, or if in fact they've lost their minds.

People didn't start writing blogs with fancy photos of Margate in them until about 2012. Dreamland is being rebuilt.

I don't think the last few years have done it any harm. It's still awful but it's got some sort of tacky charm.

claig Sun 10-May-15 19:08:34

Yorkie, where the hell is good around those parts? I thought it was the "Garden of England" down there. It sounds desperate down there, although it is looking up now that UKIP has taken hold of the reins.

YorkieButtonsizeMen Sun 10-May-15 19:21:02

You mean the countryside really. Whitstable's alright too. Faversham, Canterbury, villages - then the Weald, Tunbridge Wells. All reasonable, nice towns/cities. Sandwich and Broadstairs are also really nice (even if Broadstairs is technically in Thanet, it doesn't quite feel like it).

Much of Ramsgate, Margate, Maidstone, Sittingbourne and almost anything North of there, you should avoid. But get out into the sticks and it's absolutely bloody lovely smile

YorkieButtonsizeMen Sun 10-May-15 19:22:06

I will say one thing for them - Manston Airport. That's pretty much the only thing I like, that they also like.

But I am a plane spotter, I can't help it smile

acatcalledjohn Sun 10-May-15 19:23:00


claig Sun 10-May-15 19:35:35

Yes, I have heard about Whitstable. They say they have the best oysters in the country. And I read somewhere that the light in Whistable and in Margate is amazing (unlike nearly everywhere else), which is why artsts like it down there. I love coastal places. Shame they are often so run down.

YorkieButtonsizeMen Sun 10-May-15 19:43:42

No, the light is exactly the same as everywhere else. Whitstable is known to us as Hipstable as it's so full of DFLs.

Nowhere's perfect smile

I'm thinking of moving to Iceland.

claig Sun 10-May-15 19:49:34

'I'm thinking of moving to Iceland.'

What about the weather and the light? I'm happy with Essex. The people are good, the weather is fine, the crac is good and it's the home of the People's Insurgency of 2015 (just as Kent and Essex were the home of the Peasants' Revolt of 1381 led by Wat Tyler of Kent and John Bell of Essex). It's the place where history is being made!

YorkieButtonsizeMen Sun 10-May-15 19:57:55

smile I was born in Harlow. It can't be that bad.

claig Sun 10-May-15 20:11:18

Harlow? Now you're talking. If you think Thanet is bad, try Harlow. Even Farage said that was a step too far.

YorkieButtonsizeMen Sun 10-May-15 20:56:58

grin I don't doubt it.

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