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Just wondering if I should vote Green

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Darcey2105 Sat 25-Apr-15 14:51:41

I live in a really safe tory seat, deep in the Conservative heartland of the south east of England.

I had all along been planning to vote lib dem or Green, until I looked at the candidates standing. We have a reasonably high-ranking tory as MP, as it has been a very safe seat for a long time. As a consequence, no one of importance is put to stand against them.

As good luck would have it, our current MP is a woman, and I had been planning to vote for a woman candidate even if that meant voting tory. But both Lib dem and Green candidates are women also so that is good.

I suppose I'm just disappointed how lacklustre both the Lib dems and Green candidates are. They seem like they don't really care and they can't be bothered. Not much evidence of passion coming through.

If the lib dems were more popular, I would vote for them as they did come quite close here in 2010, but I'm guessing their vote will be right down this time.

I was thinking I'd vote Green just to register an interest in Green issues etc. But I'm really not impressed with the candidate, she just talks about liking long walks and being a Grandmother, and she didn't even submit a photo to the local paper preview of the candidates. Also I hear they support a referendum on Europe, which I think is a silly idea.

Humph, basically I was really motivated and engaged in this election, then I looked at my candidates and felt a bit flat about it all.

chocoluvva Sun 26-Apr-15 13:45:13

If your vote isn't going to decide which mp represents your constituency then I'd definitely 'register your interest in Green issues'. This lady won't get in anyway but your vote will still be counted as another vote for the green party.

Mps only do so much locally anyway - your local council does most of the local infrastructure and organisation stuff.

morningtoncrescent62 Mon 27-Apr-15 16:45:04

Agree with chocoluvva. I'm a bit surprised that you were considering voting for a woman just for the sake of voting for a woman, even if she was from a party whose policies you don't support. But given your current dilemma, I'd say yes, since she's not going to get elected you may as well vote for her.

A pity you've got such a lacklustre candidate, though, and I can see why you're disappointed. Maybe if you have the time and energy and you're still motivated after the election it would be worth considering joining your local branch of the party whose policies are closest to your own views so that you have a say in who stands next time.

mak123 Mon 27-Apr-15 18:51:02

Although they do clearly stress the environment I am not sure they have fully worked through their economic policies. The Citizens Income idea while potentially progressive would if implemented in the way they suggest be regressive and this is clearly a problem

Gozogozo Wed 29-Apr-15 20:23:11

Did you see the green party political broadcast tonight? Was really arresting.

Gozogozo Wed 29-Apr-15 22:43:23

I googled a bit & found that I am very out of touch - apparently the coalition video was online already so no surprise to anyone other than me!

ThisFenceIsComfy Fri 01-May-15 20:24:37

I would vote Green in your position. I like the Green Party policies. I'm not sure they are all economically viable at present but voting for them at least registers that interest in a different way of seeing things.

TheBoov Fri 01-May-15 20:25:42

What's the seat? That's the crucial thing.

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