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What if Labour win then decide to replace Ed Miliband with ...

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Jackieharris Sat 25-Apr-15 10:42:05

Well who?

Was just pondering on the aftermath of May 7th. Ed looks likely to win but no one, not even his own supporters, voters, party likes him.

So thinking of the UK constitution there is nothing to stop the Labour Party replacing him with another leader and providing us with an alternative prime minister.

The ones who ran last time had their chance so who does that leave?

Harriet Harman
Yvette Cooper
Chuka Umuna (sp?)
Jim Murphy??

quesadillas Sat 25-Apr-15 10:42:56

Andy Burnham?

Jackieharris Sat 25-Apr-15 10:46:16

He came 4th last time though so I don't think he has the support.

MsDran Sat 25-Apr-15 10:47:08

Any of the parties could change their leader, that's why you should vote for the party whose policies you believe in.

fortyfide Sat 25-Apr-15 11:34:02

JackieHarris well there were 70 of the last lot of Tory MPs who wanted out of Europe. Hence Camerons referendum offer. So if you are an insider Tory, tell us all about it. I asked my Tory MP and he said "we are not discussing that at the moment" Pity

Jackieharris Sat 25-Apr-15 13:32:11

I'm Scottish so def not a Tory!

I'm just pondering on what some of the high up labour people might be thinking behind closed doors.

The party is more popular than it's leader.

Whatever happens I'm sure ed M won't be leading them into the next ge.

newbieman1978 Sat 25-Apr-15 23:10:56

1. The outcome is by no means certain.
2. If God help us Labour do win then I can't see them replacing their leader for at least 3-4 years because in the main a change in prime minister generally leads to a general election and they won't want that.

HirplesWithHaggis Sat 25-Apr-15 23:17:16

Jim Murphy???!!! He's destroyed Labour in Scotland, I can't think of anyone worse! Can you imagine him working constructively with the SNP?

Behooven Sat 25-Apr-15 23:22:10

It is actually possible to be Tory and Scottish you know Jackie wink
As for Jim Murphy destroying Labour in Scotland, that's ridiculous considering he's only been in charge for 5 minutes!

Jackieharris Sun 26-Apr-15 00:19:24

Not under the fixed term parliaments act, newbie.

Catmint Sun 26-Apr-15 00:21:03

I like him!

HirplesWithHaggis Sun 26-Apr-15 02:02:20

Jim isn't actually "in charge of" anything, despite what his publicity says. There is, for example, no "Scottish Labour" for him to lead, or for him to issue a separate manifesto. He certainly won't be writing anyone's budget, and if he is re-elected as MP for East Renfrewshire he'll have no say whatsoever over how the Scottish gvt spends it's money.

In short, he lies, lies and lies again - and shouts "Fuck off, fuck off, fuck off" in the face of other MPs. (Well, OK, one other MP.) He's an absolute disgrace to himself and to the Labour party generally.

rootypig Sun 26-Apr-15 02:58:21

Replacing the leader who has just won the election for you is constitutionally possible, but politically extremely heavy weather. There's been a shift since the days of gentlemanly handovers (thinking of Eden, MacMillan, Wilson). Look at the drama around Gordon Brown taking over. The electorate don't like it, and if they win, I seriously doubt Labour would consider it.

MajesticWhine Sun 26-Apr-15 12:09:10

If Ed wins, then they will have to be very surprised damned grateful to him and stick with him, at least for one term. I could see Andy Burnham having appeal, in the long run. I don't know much about Yvette Cooper, but her choice of partner shows very questionable judgment.

Jackieharris Sun 26-Apr-15 14:25:55

Agree with everything hirples says re slim Jim.

Even if he does win labour won't risk another ge with him at the top. It takes 2 years for a new leader to settle in so I give him 3 years tops.

Kampeki Sun 26-Apr-15 14:32:55

I think Ed has gained hugely in popularity, actually, over the course of this campaign. Not in Scotland, I gather, but I don't think he is as unpopular as you think in the rest of the UK, OP.

Jim Murphy would be far, far worse! I like Andy Burnham or Yvette Cooper.

TheOneWiththeNicestSmile Sun 26-Apr-15 14:43:55

Ed looks likely to win but no one, not even his own supporters, voters, party likes him

you what?

what makes you think that?

TheOneWiththeNicestSmile Sun 26-Apr-15 14:45:20

you can safely ignore anything negative said about Ed in the Sun, Mail, Times, Telegraph, Spectator etc you know, OP grin

GwenaelleLaGourmande Sun 26-Apr-15 14:50:43

Loads of people like him. It's the right wing press and the people influenced by it who don't. I think a lot of the left doubted him (and his ability to win the electorate over) prior to the campaign but he has done really well this campaign so far and I think he might win, though he won't get an outright majority. I would be verysurprised if they replaced him once PM for at least a term.

If he loses I would guess he will stand down.

Kampeki Sun 26-Apr-15 14:55:58

If it weren't for Scotland, I'm pretty sure that Ed would get a decent majority. However, for whatever reason, he isn't getting through to people there. I read that even David Cameron is seen as a better leader by most Scottish voters. sad

AuntieStella Sun 26-Apr-15 15:00:12

Although possible to replace a leader in office, it's hin risk and I think very u like oh to happen.

I'd like Ed to survive until a better quality replacement, someone with a previous career outside politics, has had time to experience some governmental posts. I'm thinking of Dan Jarvis.

Jackieharris Sun 26-Apr-15 16:50:08

Yes to having leaders who aren't career politicians!

Kampeki-yep that sums up my experience.

The one - I don't read any of them, if you think they're negative about ed try reading them from an SNP PoV!

ThisFenceIsComfy Fri 01-May-15 20:28:04

I voted for Andy Burnham in the leadership contest. I'm not sure he would come across any better than Ed though.

I've come to really really like Ed Miliband now

kerstina Sun 03-May-15 22:00:00

Why would you want to replace him? Haven't been on the politics thread for ages so was surprised to see this. I think Ed is Labours best chance. I liked him from the start but he has really grown in to the role as leader and I really couldn't imagine anyone else doing it.

BreakWindandFire Sun 03-May-15 22:06:11

In 2010, it was thought that Labour would be out of power for a generation and whoever succeeded Brown would be a caretaker leader only. The fact that the polls are neck and neck (despite a very negative press) and the party is pretty united, is a remarkable achievement. There's no way Ed would be replaced if he won.

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