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Who to vote for in 2015.

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MakeMineAGuinness Sun 31-Aug-14 17:08:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Spinflight Mon 01-Sep-14 02:46:06

Meet your candidate, or email them at least.

If they seem crazy then you have a decision to make. If not then stick your X in the UKIP box. smile

Isitmebut Mon 01-Sep-14 12:16:59

I wouldn't worry about it just yet, as you haven't seen all the political party's manifestos yet.

Why won't you ever vote for Labour or the Lib Dems???

NoNoNoooooo Sun 28-Sep-14 00:06:25

I've just used this to figure out whose policies I prefer... But I came out pretty balanced between three, so actually no clearer! Ha!

Isitmebut Mon 29-Sep-14 10:26:12

Ukip has never run bath water in Westminster, never mind an economy, what are their plans on spending on each section e.g. Education, the NHS and Defence?

Their 2015 policies are just tax givaways so how can they be assessed in the real world., that will cost around £15 billion a year more, what are they going to cut, or are they just going to increase the annual budget deficit AGAIN, which increases the national debt, and the interest we the taxpayers have to pay now and for future generations.

In 2010 the Lib Dems made a mistake on believing they could cut Tuition Fees, how stupid will Ukip look if HAS the balance of power in a 2015 coalition with Labour, have promised £15 billion of new tax cuts? lol

DonnaLyman Mon 29-Sep-14 10:29:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

niceguy2 Mon 29-Sep-14 13:39:40

It is of course easy for UKIP to promise the earth without any regard for how they will pay for it. They know they've no real chance of being in government so their aim is really maximum damage to the other parties, mainly the Tories.

So unfunded, unrealistic policies are of course fine. Firstly there's no chance it would ever happen. And secondly if by some small miracle they had to form a coalition, they can drop some of them and blame coalition compromises. Any policies that were agreed as a sweetener for UKIP support would of course be a win for them.

Net net, they've sod all to lose and everything to gain from wild promises.

Isitmebut Mon 29-Sep-14 14:08:40

Responsible government will never damage the Conservatives as if they lose they were doing the right thing for the country - unlike Labour who tried a heartlands spending splurg just before the 2010 election, knowing it was unaffordable, and when cancelled reflected on the coalition.

And who would have thought a single promise on Tuition Fees would have done so much damage to the Lib Dems, despite Labour introducing them and no idea of their own what to do next - so as the largest party WILL be Labour if Ukip win several seats, how popular will UKIP be by 2020 when every ex Tory (or any other duped voter) realises they fell for Ukip tax bribes when NONE are adopted by Labour, who have to PUT UP taxes to pay down the deficit.

*A Labour government in 2015, carrying through the tax rises they kept from us in 2010 (and will try to in 2015) will be the end of Ukip in Westminster after the 2020 election IMO, as the country and generations after, will realise the (then) state of the country and finances, were due to the Conservatives losing votes to Ukip, who effectively offered the voters nothing but EU exit and economic lies.

OOAOML Wed 01-Oct-14 14:39:22

If you really can't vote for any of the major parties (and there are a few months before we get into serious manifesto pledge territory I would have thought) then what about Green? Or a minority party you'd like to help get their deposit back?

Have you looked at previous results for your constituency? Is there an overwhelming majority? How do you feel about a protest vote?

MajesticWhine Wed 08-Oct-14 09:57:18

I'm inclined to vote LibDem. I don't really get why they are so unpopular. They couldn't fulfil their promise on tuition fees because they were the smaller part of a coalition. In coalition government you have to compromise, so of course you can't fulfil all your promises.

meikyo Tue 14-Oct-14 22:24:29

SNP for me. wink wink

Cherrypi Tue 14-Oct-14 22:26:40

Greens. Imagine if we all voted greens.

Mumzy Thu 16-Oct-14 19:53:18

MajesticIt's one thing not to fulfil your promise of no student fees but another to go completely the other way and support the Tories tripling of student fees. Also the Libdems traded with the Tories that they would support tripling the student fees if the Libdems could have their AV referendum.

MajesticWhine Thu 16-Oct-14 22:10:07

Mumzy Who are you going to vote for, sell it to me smile

OddBoots Thu 16-Oct-14 22:16:53

I can't see any option but Green for me which is a scary prospect given how pro (some) nuclear and GMOs I am.

Numanoid Mon 20-Oct-14 15:49:56

I'm voting SNP, I couldn't vote for any of the parties mentioned in the OP. Not voting for the 'main parties' is definitely not a wasted vote. Over time, it's maybe the only way there could be a shift in power.

zelda200 Sun 02-Nov-14 10:11:04

Numanoid - I totally agree: how will minor parties ever have a chance if even supporters won't vote for them because of this weird "wasted" vote worry? If anything, a strong vote for a minor party sends a VERY strong message to the main parties - esp the one that wins that constituency.

If people are worried about letting the wrong one in - check whether you're in a marginal seat:
Then your vote really will make a difference.

Bankofmumanddad Thu 06-Nov-14 21:30:49

Green, Vote Green, Vote Green.

They support in out eu referendum as well as a fairer more ethical eco friendly society. Plus more maternity and paternity leave.

JackSkellington Fri 07-Nov-14 15:54:00

They support in out eu referendum

They were my back-up option (if, for some reason, I couldn't vote SNP) but there isn't much I've opposed as strongly as the EU referendum. I couldn't vote for them now. sad

cakedcrusader Fri 07-Nov-14 22:22:07

Green smile

CharethCutestory Tue 11-Nov-14 11:03:14

Clearly Labour - our best bet for getting the Nasty Party out. That's my overriding concern.

PerditaMcLeod Tue 11-Nov-14 14:20:36

Anything but Green! Seriously, I live in an area controlled by a Green council and they have been unbelievably bad and seem to have pissed off even the most hard-core lentil weavers I know in Brighton. Great principles, but the implementation has been shocking. Hoping the good people of Brighton & Hove won't vote them in again.

As for who I am voting for, I really don't know. So disappointed to see Labour seeming committing pre-electoral self destruction sad

CharethCutestory Tue 11-Nov-14 15:56:09

I think that's been mostly orchestrated if not invented by the media, Perdita. Though I am biased, I've recently joined the party.

I've got a friend on Labour's National Executive (ooo get me!) and she says Ed's got the full support of all of them. In any case, I'd vote for a teabag if it would get the Tory bastards out grin

TtipParty Tue 11-Nov-14 23:10:44

perdita - you might want to look into the GMB/Labour/Conservative block on most things the Brighton Greens try to achieve. They're a minority council, so they need cooperation to get things done, and get them done well. The unholy triolgy above has been pulling out all the stops to ensure they're thwarted at every turn. That's the price you pay for being in a genuinely status-quo challenging party. To the Tories, the Greens are a horrible old Labour/Commie hybrid. To Labour, the Greens are tree-hugging Tories OR the only party to the left of them capable of challenging them to be the party they used to be. Sometimes both simultaneously. Talk about a no-win situation!

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