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Aggressive Progressive on Streoids on Newsnight

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claig Wed 06-Aug-14 22:40:47

Newsnight have only got the progressive James O'Brien presenting tonight.
Isn't he the progressive who tried to take on Farage and floundered?

Has he been rewarded by the metropolitan elite for taking on the people's champion?

If they make a habit of putting the aggressive smug smoocher in shirt and tie on Newsnight, I'll have to stick to Sky. No more BBC for me. The country has gone to the dogs.

Vote UKIP before teh metropolitan elite ruin what we had.

claig Wed 06-Aug-14 22:47:51

He looks and sounds like something off a Chris Morris news spoof. Tragic, but we should have known the metropolitan elite would try it.

claig Wed 06-Aug-14 23:26:07

Oh God, he has only informed us that he is back on tomorrow night.
You have been warned.
The metropoitan elite are absolutely loving this.

Isitmebut Thu 07-Aug-14 11:45:57

Dear me Claig, I have visions of you running around like Corporal Jones from Dad’s Army shouting “don’t panic, don’t panic, don’t panic”. Lol

Ukip with domestic UK policies that change direction quicker than the wind blows around Mary Poppins, have been invited onto the BBC news programs to discuss everything from the EU to no doubt breast feeding, when The Greens (excuse by math) has 100% more seats in Westminster than Ukip - and certainly policies that don’t rely on the direction of the wind. Possibly a bad example at the end there, but you get my ‘drift’.

The ‘one issue Ukip’ have had MORE than their fair share of the BBC discussing domestic issues than they could ever reasonably expect, probably because you were taking votes from the Conservatives. Now you are (apparently) a threat to Labour, and your 2015 General Election manifesto is likely to reflect that, what should you expect?

You shouldn’t let a guest presenter on a Newsnight (with what viewing figures nowadays) that in your own opinion failed to take on Farage, during the prime UK holiday period, get your Ukipper blood pressure up, relax.

If after the holidays the BBC doesn’t invite Farage etc on EVERY panel to talk about EVERY subject, you can always change you domestic policies again and again before 2015, until you finally meet with the Beeb’s own political approval. lol

claig Thu 07-Aug-14 12:01:51

But I used to like Newsnight. I can't watch it anymore now that it's turned into a Chris Morris spoof with an aggressive oppressive progressive. They want to change our PMQs and now our Newsnight too. Is nothing sacrosanct to them?

In the shires, we can only cling to our faith in Farage to stop the rot and sack the flipping lot.

Isitmebut Thu 07-Aug-14 13:10:19

Claig … Farage running around the shires fighting evil and helping the poor, gives me visions of the man in leaf green tights, with Claig as his Maid Marrion; ‘nuff said. Lol

Having accused you of high blood pressure watching political programmes (especially before bed time) , I long ago gave up the regular viewing of the likes of Question Time and Newsnight, and only trust This Week on Thursday night to not interfere with my chance of restful slumber soon after – especially as they leave the (little interest from me) guest ‘expert’ opinion until the end, so I switch off earlier.

Re PMQT, as an old fart I don’t like change, especially for change sake, as too many times so called ‘political reforms’ of something that has been around and worked for hundreds of years, does not have a better less political solution to replace it e.g. the Lords.

Where as far as I can see, the long serving wrinklies there mainly wear non partisan hats and do what is right for the country, but must have ‘reform’ gets them replaced by those appointed/elected/whatever, due to their partisan allegiances. Maybe a bad example, but you get my gist.

At PMQT with a ‘balance’ of government/opposition MPs, I believe that if many of the MP’s were not in denial of their own record in power and therefore did not try to score cheap political points based on that denial, ideology, with more than a dusting of ignorance on the consequences of their past policies, PMQT would be a far quieter affair.

At a PMQT where the government has a huge majority e.g. 140 seats, they can just shout down ANY opposition, which is equally as non-informative to the outside viewer as a bun fight or MP’s hypocrisy.

If we want a quiet PMQT life, maybe we need to strip out the MP’s and get as non partisan as possible academics to pose ‘probing’ questions on current government policies.

I say that as questions from a non fully informed of the history/facts public like “why can’t my aunt Agnes get a social home?’’, has no prospects of receiving a full and satisfactory answer within a minute, or so.

In theory an MP who was, or still in government, and had the brains to follow housing for decades, SHOULD be able to ask a constructive question on what is generally going on in new social home builds and ask a serious question, maybe regional in and around their own constituency, on why the government isn’t doing better - and what the PM can guarantee can be done about it.

But the numb-nuts in parliament can’t manage that, so all hell breaks loose. All IMO, of course.

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