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Iain Duncan Smith's 100 Biggest Failures.

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ttosca Tue 10-Jun-14 20:13:57

The Cost of IDS – 100 ways Iain Duncan-Smith’s Department have made life worse for the sick, poor & disabled, by Éoin Clarke


Money Wastage

1. Despite all the rhetoric about cutting welfare spending, it has actually increased by £24 billion this parliament (evidence & evidence)
2. Iain Duncan Smith’s Departmental Spend on Private Consultants has jumped 59% in just 1 year (evidence)
3. Iain Duncan Smith’s Departmental Spend on temporary staff has jumped 91% in just 1 year (evidence)
4. £150million+ of taxpayers’ money has already been spent on court fees related to successful appeals against unfair WCA assessments (evidence)
5. The DWP have written off £140million in overpaid Housing Benefit paid in error since October 2010 (evidence)
6. £241m of taxpayers’ money is set to be wasted in IT overspend, including £34m write offs, for Iain Duncan-Smith’s Universal Credit says the National Audit Office (evidence)
7. DWP Audited Accounts show that at least £90 million of IT spend on Universal Credit will have to be written off, a near trebling in the 3 months after the mentioned NAO report (above) (evidence)
8. Iain Duncan Smith’s Department handed a £60million contract to a firm to carry out the Work Programme without putting the proper checks in place to detect fraud or irregularity says the NAO (evidence)
9. Despite all of the tough talk on clamping down on benefit fraud it has remained the same over the last three years (2010-11) (2011-12) (2012-13)

Targeting the Disabled

10. 3 judges found that the government’s Work capability Assessment discriminated against the mentally ill (evidence)
11. 475,000 Disabled People have been made to work unpaid on the Tory Work Programme (evidence)
12. The number of disabled & sick people to suffer an ESA sanction has jumped by a third since 2009-10 (evidence)
13. 38% of those who appeal ESA sanctions have won their cases & have been found to be wrongly punished (evidence & evidence)
14. Iain Duncan Smith withdrew funding for Remploy Factories that resulted in 34 of them closing (evidence)
15. 20,000 Medical Assessments, a year, of the sick & disabled for benefit eligibility are carried out in unprofessional circumstances (evidence)
16. Since 2008 (so including the last years of New Labour), new benefit claimants have suffered, on average, 24 days of delays before receiving the Work Capability Assessment (evidence)


Isitmebut Wed 11-Jun-14 14:25:05

Labour’s Socialist Utopian Economic & Social Failures, During The Greatest Recession in 80-Years, Requiring Welfare Reform They Now (when being honest with the electorate) Mainly Agree With;

Mass immigration of 2.5 million new citizens adding “diversity” that magically find spare jobs and homes the indigenous multi cultural population don’t need.

An unemployed/poor indigenous multi cultural population that don’t need to find jobs and homes, and our welfare/benefits bill can rise in ‘booms’ as well as ‘busts’, and even a national debt of the current/growing £1,300,000,000, 000 (£1.3 trillion) and £52 billion current annual interest charge that could be better spent on helping the poor - will NOT be a factor, having condemned the poorest in society (that didn’t need those 2.5 million new jobs and homes) to homelessness and welfare dependency for another generation at least.

Every Benefit and Welfare claim is ‘totes’ genuine and taxpayers should be please government does not need to spend time/effort worrying about unreformed expenditure, there is ‘loads of money’ to pay for it via increased taxation on the employed.
The current

Growth IN THE SIZE OF GOVERNMENT is the way to ‘create’ sustainable jobs FOR ALL and paying bureaucrats £60k to £200k boosts UK consumption and GDP is not only the way to sustainable UK ‘growf’, but there must be a way to Export it, to pay our way in the world – so who cares about the condition and sustainability of the UK Private Sector Businesses, Jobs and their taxes, that USED to pay for it all.

The Private Sector will accept whatever red tape and taxes a socialist government will throw at it and built (at their own cost) and then RENT it out to the State and masses, homes, hospitals, schools and nuclear power stations – while money is thrown at fat, inefficient, and expensive government.

And The Socialist Answer to their Betrayal of the Poor over 13-years?

Even the Labour Party FINALLY realised the implications of their own policies and the ‘Money Tree’ that funded unprecedented increases in government spending (financed by the taxes of speculation) had gone, and only a huge national debt and annual deficit remains - so reforms were necessary.

“Labour to substantially cut benefits bill if it wins power in 2015”

“Labour will cut the benefits bill "quite substantially" and more effectively than the Tories if it wins power in 2015, the shadow work and pensions secretary said on Tuesday”

And finally, ‘the people’ socialists say they represent, believe you when pretending that all the economic and social problems, began in 2010, due to the Coalition NOT following the Labour 2010 manifesto pledge of ‘more of the same’ until something turns up - to get the economic and social problems AT LEAST back to 1997 levels they inherited. Marvellous.

ttosca Wed 11-Jun-14 21:42:00

Start your own thread. Your post is irrelevant to IDS' 100 Biggest Failures.

Isitmebut Thu 12-Jun-14 14:21:24

Really,what if Labour had tackled the welfare/benefits bill they KEPT SAYING they would before 2010, IDS would have had a much easier life in parliament not to "fail" rather than trying to reform from top to bottom, the complete unbridled horses arse the Coalition inherited - whether the UK could have afforded their bad immigration, education and social housing policy Welfare/Benefits bribes, or not.

I showed you ages ago the bill would be going up, the coalitions aim was to try and control it not make mindless cuts, but where are the facts on the pre 2010 spending/waste, by an administration that left a £157 billion annual overspend having been running an annual budget DEFECIT economy since 2002, after the Conservative’s left a budget SURPLUS from 1998?

BetterTogether75 Tue 17-Jun-14 21:58:26

Never underestimate the pure evil of a quiet man.

eileenrose1 Fri 04-Jul-14 15:59:45

Glenda Jackson nails him but he's probably too smug and stupid to notice:

digdeepforanswers Wed 09-Jul-14 11:22:09

Put an ex army officer in charge of Welfare. And a mess is what you get

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