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Modern Tories on rape, Down syndrome, Pakistani children and black people

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ttosca Sat 12-Apr-14 17:51:34

The nasty party isn’t all in the past I’m afraid.

Here are ten recent opinions from members of the modern Tory Party on rape victims, Down syndrome, Pakistani children, ‘foreign’ sounding names, AIDS victims, domestic violence, gay marriage, Asian and black people:

Tory Mayor must apologise over Down’s Syndrome remarks, committee says

Tory councillor: when rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it

Tory councillor apologises after using the phrase ‘n*gger in the wood pile’

Tory councillor John Cherry resigns after saying Pakistani children won’t value hard work

Tory councillor who left a message saying “with a bit of luck you’ll get Aids”

Tory councillor suspended after remarks about Pakistanis

Tory councillor compares town to ‘Indian’ reservation

Tory councillor attacks “foreign names”

Tory councillor accused of bad taste over domestic violence and gay joke

Tory councillor on gay marriage: “we may as well legalise marriage with animals”

ttosca Sat 12-Apr-14 19:20:30

Tory councillor Barbara Driver will not stand for re-election after 'when rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it' comment


A Cheltenham Borough Councillor and former mayor has said she will not stand for re-election after telling a borough council meeting that “when rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it.”

Barbara Driver’s comments, which came during the meeting about plans to build 30,000 homes in Tewkesbury, Cheltenham and Gloucester, prompted outrage on Wednesday and were described as “repulsive” and “atrocious” by Cheltenham Borough Council Peter Jeffries.

The Conservative councillor later apologised for the remark, which compared the "inevitability" of the building of new houses in the area with rape, according the Gloucestershire Echo.

“There is a saying and I am going to say it: When rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it,” she told the meeting.

Ms Driver told the BBC she was sorry for the damage the "thoughtless and inappropriate comment" had caused, and "the right thing to do at this stage is to step back from public life".

In an open letter to Cheltenham Borough Council, addressed to the Mayor, Councillor Wendy Flynn, Ms Driver said she realised her remark was “completely inappropriate and thoughtless and should not have been said”.

The letter read: “I am therefore writing an open letter to the council to offer my sincere apologies for the comment I made.

“As an elected member of the council I believe that on this occasion I have fallen short of the high standards expected of a councillor and for that I am deeply sorry and I wish to place my apology on record through this letter.”

Her remark was criticised by Karen Clarke, from the Gloucestershire Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre (GRASAC), who described it as “quite shocking”.

"Rape has a devastating impact and there's no possibility that anyone could ever lie back and enjoy it,” she told the BBC.

"When people in positions of power make throw away and flippant comments like this it perpetuates the myths around rape.

"Someone in a position of authority should know better. Apologies are not enough."

A Cheltenham Borough Council spokeswoman said the council has "taken the matter seriously, as has Councillor Driver, and a full and sincerely apology has been issued to the mayor and copied to all councillors".

ttosca Sat 12-Apr-14 19:20:40

Vile Tory scum.

Isitmebut Sun 13-Apr-14 14:37:05

Is this seriously the intellectual quality of the Labour/Socialist movement on these boards?

Spending all there time meticulously gleaning local papers to find stories about stupid Conservative individuals, rather than apologise for Labour’s record in power - and the sheer electoral deceitfulness in the way they refused to tell ‘the people’ they represent how they would solve the financial/debt/social problems of THEIR making, in 2010 and since – any wonder many are FINALLY calling for Labour policies rather than opposition to everything?

If you want to play some political race card, this “vile Tory scum” asks you to look at these non EU Labour inflows and asked why did Labour INCREASE their numbers when the EU now had 500 million citizens with the right to work here.

Table 1... Inflows (thousands)…...EU……….Commonwealth………Other…...
Average 1991 – 1999………..…..60,000………….87,000…………….86,000
Average 2000 – 2003………. ……62,000………..101,000…………..120,000
2004……………………………….. ....130,000……….215,000……………155,000
2005…………………………….....… .152,000……….180,000……........137,000

And here is the report that ADDS to the above EU figures.
“Immigration from eastern Europe was massively underestimated, says official report”

Office for National Statistics admits it missed an estimated 350,000 in net migration over a decade because of flaws in a key survey

Was all this pressure on jobs, housing, schools, the NHS due to a Labour social engineering whimsy to “rub the Right’s nose in diversity”, that has gone terribly wrong?

“Labour wanted mass immigration to make UK more multicultural, says former adviser”

“Labour threw open Britain's borders to mass immigration to help socially engineer a "truly multicultural" country, a former Government adviser has revealed.”

Or as far as the non EU citizens are concerned, who can vote in General Elections as well as local elections EU citizens can participate in.

“Million foreign voters could sway result of next general election, warns report”

“A million Commonwealth citizens living in England and Wales should be stripped of the right to vote because they. could significantly influence the outcome of the next general election, according to a new report”

“MigrationWatch UK said the general public would be “astonished” to learn how many non-Britons are permitted to take part in elections.”
“The group, which campaigns for tighter immigration, said it was a “hangover from the days of Empire” that citizens from 54 independent sovereign states, including Australia, Canada and India, can register on the electoral roll as long as they have an address in Britain.”

“MigrationWatch’s report said: “One possible reason why Lord Goldsmith’s report was largely ignored by the Labour government of the day is that voters from black and minority ethnic communities, some of whom will be Commonwealth citizens, are far more likely to vote Labour than Liberal Democrat or Conservative.”

“A report last year by the Runnymede Trust showed 68 per cent of black and Asian people backed Labour in the last general election, said the study, which also suggested the Commonwealth vote could be influential in the referendum on European Union membership.”

Tell me ttosca, which of those socially “vile” reasons really motivated the self serving parliamentary Labour Party to totally disregard the lives of so many of the indigenous multi cultural population of this country Labour tells us they represent?

Isitmebut Mon 14-Apr-14 14:38:48

ttosca….further to your ideological and mainly unqualified attacks on individual Conservative councillors and then pathetically insinuating that they are representative of the “modern Tories” as a political party’s views on racism, children, rape, the vulnerable – and that the saintly Labour party would look after all their interests.

I repeat my question above, regarding the motive of the 1997-2010 Labour parliamentary party in substantially increasing the non EU immigration numbers, at a time that we could/did have a substantial increase in EU citizens come, live and work here.

How was this policy to benefit every white, black, Pakistani, Indian, child, infirm, poor or any other category you care to mention ALREADY LIVING HERE, looking for jobs, homes, or more from public services?

Was the Labour ‘caring party of the people’ in the early 2000’s JUST conducting a social engineering ‘experiment’ as my Labour insider link further above subjects, ‘to rub the Right’s nose in diversity?

Or as a party that had (for them) frustratingly been out of power for 18-years, was there an attempt to DISGUISE a significant increase in non EU citizens who could vote for them in General Elections – which along with the unfair electoral boundary lines that means they only need 35% of the vote to stay in power – ensuring that they would never be out of government for long?

You see ttosca, WE KNOW Labour meant to encourage massive immigration into the UK, what we need to know if why didn’t the ‘party of the people’, give a shit about the melting pot of individuals living here, when fulfilling some ideological objective of their own?????

How can you possibly call the Conservatives “vile”, when as a whole, they are trying their best with the largest budget deficit in Europe, to sort out the housing, jobs, public services and welfare/benefits mess made so much worse, by Labour policies?

ttosca Wed 16-Apr-14 19:43:57

Seriously... this isn't working, Isitmebut. Your attempts to deflect the conversation are so transparent they're laughable.

Go start a thread on Labour if you like.

Isitmebut Thu 17-Apr-14 16:12:56

ttosca…Labour were meant to have all their B-I-G policy announcements around now and this was all you had, a small collection of minor Conservative officials stupid comments and you needed to start a post accusing the “Modern Tories” as a whole of all sorts (especially for being racist) and I’m deflecting?.

So as YOU disingenuously played the original race card and always blaming the Conservatives for policies they have implemented as a DIRECT consequence of Labour immigration policies in the 2000’s, lets see this through.

In your opinion, with the job and housing shortages in the 2000’s, why did Labour decide an increase in non EU citizens would help EVERYONE currently living in the UK, when the EU citizens had an open door right to move here – as the only reasons I can see (and put to you further above), were all self serving to the Labour Party, mainly with dodgy electoral boundary lines , to keep their sorry arses in power?

ttosca Thu 17-Apr-14 19:05:57

Why do you think I give a shit what Labour announces or not? Go ask a Labour supporter what they think.

You're deflecting because the thread isn't about Labour immigration policies; it has nothing to do with Labour's immigration policies.

If you want to talk about Labour's immigration policies, go start a thread on then, and propagandize to your heart's content.

Isitmebut Thu 17-Apr-14 23:27:02

ttosca. by name, ttosca by nature, as soon as you can't answer the question on an incompetent, corrupt, Labour Party you disown them, how ideologically brave of you.

Calling the whole Conservative Party racists due to several councillor isn't head-up-bottom propaganda? Dick.

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