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Tory Housing Boss: Screw Affordable Housing, We Want The Rich!

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ttosca Sat 12-Apr-14 13:47:03

Presenting Cllr Tom Davey, Tory-run Barnet Council’s lead member for housing, explaining he’s not worried about the lack of affordable housing pushing the poor out of the borough — because he wants the rich there!

This absolutely shocking footage was recorded at a recent budget meeting by the Barnet Bugle.

Tom Davey: If there is such a problem with Barnet, if Barnet is such a terrible place to live and if it so unaffordable, why are people flocking to Barnet and why are house prices going up? It’s because people want to live here.

Opposition councillor: They’re the ones that can afford it.

Tom Davey: And they’re the people we want!

While his smirking colleagues were clearly impressed by his “off the cuff” speech, Davey won’t be the last councillor to come a cropper following Eric Pickles’ edict that bloggers should be allowed to film meetings.

Isitmebut Sun 13-Apr-14 13:59:26

Is this seriously the intellectual quality of the Labour/Socialist movement on these boards?

Spending all there time meticulously gleaning local papers to find stories about stupid Conservative individuals, or unfortunate cases of people who may have slipped through the social services net under Labour’s welfare/benefit cuts they refused to tell the voters about in 2010?

Labour brought in a newly revised 2.5 million migrants in several years, the majority on them NOT EU citizens they still rubber stamped into work and homes here – and according to Shelters figures, left nearly 2 million needing social homes by 2008 – and this Barnet situation is YOUR definition of “shocking”?
^“Please note that the LTIM estimates used in this briefing are being revised by the ONS. In their 'Quality of Long-Term International Migration estimates from 2001 to 2011' report published on 10th April 2014, the ONS has revised the total net migration estimates for 2001-2011; this suggests that the total net-migration between 2001 and 2011 was underestimated by 346,000 net-migrants.”^

What I call “shocking” is Labour record in power over 13-years, where over those same ‘open door’ years, they increased spending (and debt) in real terms from £400 billion to £618 billion A YEAR and where did that money go, building homes for the poor and their new citizens? No, they would rather spend it on the Quangocracy costing over £170 billion.

Seriously ttosca, if my political party had the above record in people AGAINST the people of this country, if I had no real social conscience of my own I’d keep my mouth shut, but knowing me, I swear on my children’s lives that I would be hitting the boards of every social network saying they could never be trusted again.

ThePriory Sun 13-Apr-14 17:13:47

Why are you using labour immigration to argue the Tories attitude towards housing? The tories would have allowed the same levels, if not more in had they the chance. Closing the wealth gap is not exactly high on the Tory party's agenda nor Labor's.
Both parties are free market capitalists and there is only superficial difference between the two.

Isitmebut Mon 14-Apr-14 15:12:23

The Priory…for a start, there is a huge basic difference in the Labour and Conservative Party’s; the former always needing a big, expensive, inefficient State, that penalises the Private Sector growth/taxes/jobs and encourages a welfare/benefit State rather than for people to try and help themselves if they can and increases personal taxes to pay for it – and the Conservatives always do the opposite – guess which one is the only sustainable economic model until the money runs out?

As for your accusation that the Conservatives would have done the same as Labour regarding immigration and housing, on immigration it is highly doubtful, especially regarding the non EU migrants to this country, that were in the 2000’s up to twice the number of EU citizens. If you look at the Table I provide on the link below, the proof of this is in the 1991-1999 figure that was mainly a Conservative administration – and the fall in these number since 2010.

As for housing, the Labour Party with it’s own secret immigration agenda received their own commissioned report in 2004 and did what about it, in a global economic boom, when they increased government spending by around 50% from 2001 to 2008, to over £600 billion a year + running a £30 billion plus budget deficit????

“Britain is facing a housing disaster as it is one million homes short, warns new report”
“Britain is now one million homes short of meeting its housing needs – a decade on from the flagship Barker Review of Housing Supply.”

“The 2004 report by Kate Barker, commissioned by the then Labour government, found that 210,000 homes needed to be built each year to prevent a housing crisis.”

“The economist also set a more ambitious target of ‘improving the housing market’ and making property more affordable by building 260,000 homes a year.”

“But a follow-up report shows that an average of just 115,000 homes a year have been built since then – meaning the country is 953,000 homes short of one target and 1.45million short of the other.”

“The chronic shortage of homes has locked many youngsters out of the housing market with 3.35million 20-to-34-year-olds living with their parents – 790,000 more than when the Barker Review was published.”

And this was the consequences by 2008, when the UK money had run out, we were in a deep recession having LOST around 7% of our GDP/output and in deep financial trouble.
Social housing supply – By Shelter

“There are more than 3.8 million social homes in England. The number of social homes declined by 10 per cent between 1998 and 2007.”

“However, the number of new lettings19 fell by one third during the same period (see Table 6). As a result,households in housing need have to wait longer as fewer homes become available.”

“At the end of March 2008 there were 1.77 million households on local authority housing registers (or housing waiting lists) for the allocation of a social home."

Hence, when I read the opening post trying to smear the Conservatives as being the party ‘for’ the rich, making Labour the party ‘for’ affordable housing, the sheer gall and hypocrisy makes me reach.

ttosca Thu 17-Apr-14 19:33:31

> Hence, when I read the opening post trying to smear the Conservatives as being the party ‘for’ the rich, making Labour the party ‘for’ affordable housing, the sheer gall and hypocrisy makes me reach.

No it doesn't, you're just a lying propagandist.

I've pointed out before, social housing has been in decline since the beginning of the neo-liberal era. Building new buildings has also hit a new low under the Tory scum:


Social housing decline – why has it happened?

It is easy to forget the failings of the social rented sector (SRS) in the last 30 years and too easy to simply blame successive governments of left and right for the housing crisis we have.

Thirty years ago, in 1982, we had 17.47m households with 59% in owner occupation, 11% in the PRS and 30% in the SRS.

Now we have 66% in owner occupation and 17% in the PRS and 17% in the SRS. (English Housing Survey 2010/11 Fig 1.1) reproduced below.


2012/13: lowest year for official UK housebuilding since the 1920s

In the last full financial year, 2012/13, for UK housebuilding 135,117 new homes were completed. This is the lowest number on record, ie post war.

It is lower than the low numbers you could plausibly blame on Labour after the crisis (though the lows in housing starts, not completions, are still for post-crisis Labour, despite Gordon Brown’s promises for 300,000 a year).

Completions are the end point of all the myriad of government policies, economic conditions, planning, banking stability and the weather. Still, given all that, it is fairly extraordinary that the coalition has managed to hit this unwanted modern record (the most recent low, which could plausibly be pinned near Labour in 2010/11 was 137,400).

Isitmebut Thu 17-Apr-14 23:21:39

Strewth man, ME the propagandist??

Are you Marxist dinosaurs STILL BLAMING THATCHER for a Labour government’s incompetence in running the country, this time the 1997 -2010 administration, that inherited the fastest growing economy in Europe, was lucky enough to be in power through a GLOBAL boom period of low interest rates and inflation – and STILL handed back to the Conservative a similar economic basket case as 1979????

It was under the last Labour Party not Thatcher that the net social housing stock fell, and it was the last Labour government that let in 2.5 million new citizens, most of them optional non EU economic migrants – yet ignorant dicks like you call the Conservatives ‘vile’ or ‘scum’ for sorting out Labour’s mess when this was Labour’s spending priority when ££billions were available??

Under this coalition, coming out of Labour’s ‘bust’, not enjoying the prior global ‘boom’, Home Starts are back to pre crash levels, check your facts - and the only thing that will stop it is another anti business Labour government in power threatening tax rises.

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