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Miller’s punishment for being found out – more cash than she had to pay back

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ttosca Wed 09-Apr-14 19:21:10

Money, money, money…

Having resigned from the Cabinet, it seems the fraudster Maria Miller is entitled to a payoff totalling £17,000 – equivalent to three months’ ministerial salary.

This means that, as punishment for behaviour that, anywhere else, would lead to a criminal conviction (if not imprisonment), she is to receive a payment that not only negates the £5,800 she had to pay back, but includes an additional £11,200 – nearly twice as much again!

Other MPs are urging her not to take the money but it seems likely that she will.

And people wonder why we doubt her in her displays of contrition.

She’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Meanwhile, David Cameron is left to stew in one godawful mess. Not only has he been exposed as a critically weak leader, but this affair has shown that a Conservative-led government makes crime pay.

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Isitmebut Wed 09-Apr-14 20:15:43

It was under a weak Labour government/leadership gave us the mother of all MP expenses scandals in the first place, hounding out the watch dog because she asked too many questions.

And what did their Speaker of the House ex trade union ‘chum’ Michael Martin who those prosecuted said encouraged over claiming, rather than stopped it, and the only Speaker to have to stand down before time (since god knows when), get? He got a life peerage, Baron Martin of Springburn, encouraging more ex trade union Labour candidates to stand as MP’s.

Time and time we have to hear this class war ‘holier than thou’ claptrap, yet when in power they are the most corrupt main party, in everything from secret policies, lying to the people, to dipping both THEIR hands in the peoples pockets.
“The party may take the moral high ground, but lying and cheating are deep in its DNA”.

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