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Maria Miller used expenses to pay parents' council tax

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ttosca Wed 09-Apr-14 06:48:32

Culture Secretary claimed up to £2,335 a year to cover council tax - her parents should not have been allowed to benefit from her expenses as an MP

Maria Miller was found to have subsidised her parents’ council tax payments in an overlooked part of the official report into her expenses claims.

The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards ruled that the Culture Secretary was wrong to claim the full costs of council tax for her “second” home, where her elderly parents lived.

Kathryn Hudson recommended that Mrs Miller repay £1,000 to cover the council tax payments.

However, Mrs Miller objected to the ruling and was backed by a committee of MPs, raising further questions about MPs operating as “judge and jury” on their peers.

The council tax ruling also casts doubt over the Prime Minister’s defence of Mrs Miller as he has publicly insisted that the Cabinet minister’s arrangements did not benefit her parents.

Isitmebut Wed 09-Apr-14 13:39:09

Council Tax went up over 110% under Labour, for heaven knows what, but at least the intent was there by Ms Miller to pay it.

Maybe Labour Deputy P.M.'s thought that they were ABOVE their own policies?

“Prescott apologises over unpaid council tax on Whitehall flat”
“John Prescott was last night forced to apologise to MPs for a mistake over payment of the council tax bill on his grace and favour flat in Whitehall and to pay £3,852 in back tax from 1997.

Although the deputy prime minister pays full council tax on his family home in Hull and used to pay it on the trade union flat he occupied in Clapham, south London, until November 2003, the administrative error was a political embarrassment for the man in charge of council tax policy in Britain.”

Are we going to get another ‘non political’ 5 posts on Ms Miller now she has done the right thing, as I’ve got loads of Labour comparisons to share, and they DIDN’T resign.

ttosca Wed 09-Apr-14 18:23:59


Isitmebut Thu 10-Apr-14 10:41:31

I know, but arguably his half a brain meant well – but he had a good left hook, maybe to compensate for what his office girlfriend called a ‘little chipolata – I guess they have those at Eaton as well - pugilists I mean. Lol

The man was in charge of Council Tax policy, how can he ‘forget’ to pay it?

Too busy looking to expand/re-rate Council Tax I guess; wasn’t he looking to introduce enhanced home taxes based on ‘added value’ to the home e.g. extensions and conservatories, and even tax a nice view?

From the party who opposed the arguably fairer Poll Tax, who hiked Council Tax 110%, strangely without their supporters rioting – then was seriously looking to tax home improvements? I wonder what stopped him, couldn’t have been an election, could it?

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