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there should be a truth and reconciliation committee for Northern Ireland

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babybarrister Tue 04-Mar-14 16:34:47

it is absolutely clear that there has been a de facto policy of amnesty for soldiers and an informal amnesty policy by letters for on the run republicans so why don't we all just bite the bullet and accept that the price of peace is that there will not be criminal proceedings for many involved in atrocities and have a TRC similar to South Africa etc ?

As long as people told the truth in South Africa, they did not get prosecuted .... can we really hope for more re N Ireland? I don't think so

mindosa Tue 04-Mar-14 16:43:06

I can see your point of view but I am not sure that this would work. Peace in NI is very fragile and there was no clean line like SA - end of apartheid and white only rule

babybarrister Tue 04-Mar-14 16:48:34

sorry but I really think it is incumbent upon the people of NI to make it work - their situation is hardly worse than under apartheid etc and yet neither side seems prepared to take that last step which they clearly need to

Colombia has had a TRC as has Chile and Argentina and many, many other countries - it is not perfect and every country is different but under the right conditions it can work

IMO people in NI need to look forward now and be thankful that the violence has ended - otherwise as we have seen re Ukraine and Syria- it will tip back over into civil war within months

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