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bonnyclark Fri 06-Sep-13 19:57:56

My husband and I are very much against fracking, we have been down to Balcombe a few times to support the protest. My husband is a published songwriter and has donated a power protest song, called 'We Will Never Surrender', (Published by World Domination Music Ltd), all profits going towards the fight against fracking. You can download this song at
If you go into 'Fracking at Balcomber', you will see just how serious the situation is, and how much damage is being done to the planet. If we dont stop this 'assault', our children will never forgive us.

flipflop21 Tue 25-Mar-14 20:57:49

How long does a wind turbine last? The average life of a fracking well is about 8 years - so in it's lifetime a wind turbine would probably provide more energy.. not sure though.

flipflop21 Tue 25-Mar-14 22:26:53

£10.5 million for a test well at 2011 prices.

Whitlee windfarm average cost of a turbine approximately £1.4million, £300 million for the whole windfarm.

Average life time of wind turbine - expected to be at least 20 years.

Isitmebut Wed 26-Mar-14 13:37:16

Flipflop….I suspect the only ‘gas’ we get from a wind turbine will depend on the operators diet. Sorry, I can't seem to get away from bad bottom burping observations.

Look, I don’t want to get further into the comparisons of wind energy, cost per megawatt (onshore & offshore) to nuclear, coal, solar or shale, the current generous government subsidies, the surprising small percentage of the day the thing works, the current energy generated by wind versus our needs, how many turbines it would take to replace/generate the electricity generated by gas (now and in the future) – mainly coz I don’t know enough about it. Lol

If thanks to people like you, keeping the debate alive and government on their toes, fracking/shale can safely be found and lifted as an answer to our dwindling supplies of gas and ever greater need to rely on imports, then we need to move forward asap. Thats all I can say.

flipflop21 Wed 26-Mar-14 18:30:25

Thanks Isitmebut - it's been useful to discuss this with you - and btw nothing wrong with a bottom burping observations.......

Daddy0dude Thu 22-May-14 15:52:58

I live in Balcombe and it has been shocking how aweful Cuadrilla's performance has been in complying with regulations and conditions - exceeding limits set but not reporting them..... regulatory bodies not monitoring...and most concerning of all, regulatory bodies disregarding the risk to public health from flaring emissions and passing the buck.

It was a sad day for democracy when the WSCC planning committee, like every other body involved in this process from the EA to the DECC, dismissed some of the most serious concerns as �not in their remit� when deciding on the most recent application for flow-testing.

The UK regulations may well be tighter than the US, but they are disfunctional and proven to be ineffective at preventing the risks they are supposed to safeguard against.

So what does the government do? Repeats the one sided rhetoric and loosens the regulations...

Isitmebut Thu 22-May-14 18:27:15

"Ineffective in preventing the risks"....really, have I missed any major incidents?

The EU sees Fracking as the 'bridge gap' until more enviro friendly alternative can be afforded or new ones come on tap, useful now Russia is now selling its gas to China and we were left in such a bad energy position by the last government.

flipflop21 Sat 24-May-14 20:18:04

You just need to google frack spillages, fracking accidents, fracking well blowouts.

Isitmebut Tue 27-May-14 12:47:07

OK flipflop, thank you for that.

Further to a much earlier point of mine on the serious need to find out how much of this 'stuff' is recoverable due to our national energy crisis, before acute national 'knicker bunching' - I wonder if we are getting a better idea of the true situation, or is it still as regionally clear as chemically fracked mud.

flipflop21 Tue 27-May-14 19:35:17

How do they find out?

flipflop21 Fri 30-May-14 18:23:56

I've remembered now...they find out how much oil/gas they can get out by fracking...

So that's why people are getting the knickers in a twist.....

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