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Why is it only the right that gets angry about how state schools fail the poor?

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longfingernails Sun 23-Jun-13 19:08:09

A truly fantastic article.

My favourite snippet:
This is what separates British left and right now. The left, in their post-Blair phase, is no longer very worked up about the poor doing badly at school. (?It may matter or it may not,? Blower said about poor children not going to top universities). The standard left response is to talk philosophically about inequality in society, as if this has the slightest bearing on whether the concept of a sink school ought to be tolerated in this day and age.

By contrast, the right are hopping mad about educational inequality. When the subject is raised in front of Michael Gove, it?s like flicking a switch. He blows his top. When I last interviewed him and raised the subject about whether it poor kids should be expected to do as well as rich, he replied in a crescendo of anger.

FavadiCacao Tue 02-Jul-13 15:40:48

I don't think any party gives a 'minute' thought beyond their self interests.
If Labour had not been bad enough for education, Gove is pushing for privatising the education by the back door. On The Independent earlier:

Academies and free schools should become profit-making businesses using hedge funds and venture capitalists to raise money, according to private plans being drawn up by the Education Secretary, Michael Gove.

Clearly the banking system has been so successful it is now a template for schools! Presumably, in the same way as Cyprus is the new funding template!

TabithaStephens Tue 02-Jul-13 20:25:34

Are banks the only private businesses now?

There are plenty of succesful businesses that provide quality goods and services while managing to turn a profit. If there wasn't, who would fund the public sector?

FavadiCacao Wed 03-Jul-13 00:41:22

who would fund the public sector?

It appears the tax payer! Private schools get private funding:act as a business!
Academy and free schools get funded by the tax payer: should be efficient and deliver goods but should they make profits out of free money (our money!)?!

TabithaStephens Wed 03-Jul-13 00:59:59

Why does it matter? Which would you rather have. An education sector that did its job and made a profit for it's investors, or an education sector that didn't do its job and was a massive money pit for the taxpayer?

Just because something is a non profit organisation, doesn't automatically make it better than a profit making business.

FavadiCacao Wed 03-Jul-13 09:38:24

a profit for it's investors

Are investors also called shareholders?
I would love to believe that a school making profit would reinvest such profit into the school, rather than paying a dividend to its investors. You already have an example of the private sector being involved in the education system: the competitive market of exams boards (remember the scandal?)

What happens if the school is not making profit? Would you close it? After all hedge funds and venture capitalists are volatile markets, where shares go up and down.
Given the size of the education system, how many schools would it take before a bail out is required? ('too big to fail model', we have seen in the banking sector and the EU crisis.)

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