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14 quotes that prove the nasty party is still just as nasty as ever

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ttosca Mon 11-Mar-13 16:07:07

We’ve all heard nasty quotes from Tories such as “Hang Mandela“, “The homeless are what you step over when you come out of the opera” etc etc which prove just how nasty the nasty party really can be. But those quotes are all pre-Cameron – who likes to claim his party has changed.

Well, here are a selection of quotes from Tories from the Cameron era which prove the nasty party is alive and kicking and just as nasty as ever:

1) Neil Burden – Tory councillor in Cornwall and lead member for Children’s Services – referred to the “expense of keeping “handicapped” children alive” and said there were “too many disabled children who cost too much“.

2) Steve Hilton - senior adviser to David Cameron and Tory strategy director – said the government should boost economic growth by abolishing all working mothers’ maternity leave and rights.

3) Iain Duncan Smith – Tory Work and Pensions Secretary – quoted the Nazi slogan above the gates of Auschwitz Arbeit Mach Frei (work makes free) when he said about the government’s workfare programme that “work actually helps free people.”

4) Iain Duncan Smith again - this time on how ‘lazy’ disabled workers are: “Is it a kindness to stick people in some factory where they are not doing any work at all? Just making cups of coffee?”

5) Philippa Stroud – senior Tory strategist and adviser to Iain Duncan Smith – said that poverty, sexual abuse and homosexuality are caused by demonic possession. In her book “God’s Heart for the Poor” she blames the death of a poor girl living in a hostel on the fact she “hadn’t the will to stick with” being a Christian and so God “was calling her home”.

6) Boris Johnson – Tory Mayor of London - on same sex marriage: ”If gay marriage was OK … then I saw no reason in principle why a union should not be consecrated between three men, as well as two men; or indeed three men and a dog.”

7) Chris Steward - a Conservative councillor in York – said people shouldn’t donate food to food banks because poor families “can’t budget” and if they were given food would only have “more money to spend on alcohol, cigarettes etc“.

8) David Jones – Tory MP and Welsh Secretary – obviously thinks LGBT people are not “safe” for bringing up children: “I regard marriage as an institution that has developed over many centuries, essentially for the provision of a warm and safe environment for the upbringing of children, which is clearly something that two same-sex partners can’t do.”

9) Richard Powell - Tory councillor and campaign manager for Tory MP Conor Burns – was temporarily suspended as a councillor but then reinstated after he admitted sending racist jokes from his phone which targetted Muslims, Indians, Irish people, Pakistanis and black people.

10) Philip Davies – Tory MP for Shipley - thinks disabled people should take “a lower rate of pay” than the minimum wage to “help them get on their first rung of the jobs ladder” because that is the “real world we live in”.

11) Christopher Chope – Tory MP for Christchurch – regards people like waiters and waitresses as servants. Talking about a visit to a House of Commons restaurant he said: “The service was absolutely fantastic because there was three-to-one service – three servants for each person sitting down“.

12) Peter Chapman – a Tory councillor in Dorset – complained on Facebook about the “terminally slow (and bad) service from the bone idle bitches at Costa Dorchester” and said the waitresses: “all need a good beating”.

13) Bob Blackman – Tory MP for Harrow East – said he thought the Tory’s infamous Section 28 law that banned teachers from talking about homosexuality should be brought back: “Section 28 was the right rules to have in school so that we should not in any way shape or form promote same-sex relationships…“

14) David Cameron – Tory member for Witney – when talking about the bedroom tax, said that ”Anyone with severely disabled children is exempt from the spare room subsidy”. This is particularly nasty because it’s a downright lie – as this article shows:

flatpackhamster Mon 11-Mar-13 22:01:58



Do you agree with or support the statements made above by the various Tory party MPs?

And this, of course, is classic leftism - the attempt to smear by association.

Trekkie Mon 11-Mar-13 22:07:50

Thanks for the quotes!

Good to see some things never change.

ttosca Mon 11-Mar-13 22:13:06


The reason I asked is because moondog said:

> "Er no. I don't support Tosca's thoughts! I diasgree with everything she says."

And I just provided a bunch of quotes which I thought were objectionable. So I'm trying to determine what, exactly, she disagrees with. Does she not agree that they are objectionable, or, if she agrees that they are, then surely she doesn't disagree with everything that I say.

> And this, of course, is classic leftism - the attempt to smear by association.

This implies that the quotes are indeed objectionable. Does it not?

Smudging Mon 11-Mar-13 22:23:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrJudgeyPants Mon 11-Mar-13 22:43:51

To be fair, there is plenty of evidence of Labour politicians spouting insensitive and pig-headed bollocks too. Brown calling an old lady a bigot, Liam Byrne's infamous note about having spent all of the country's money, Blair's lies about Iraq's WMD's (leading to more deaths than ATOS will ever be responsible for), immigration for the purpose of rubbing the right's noses in diversity, good days to bury bad news, British jobs for British workers, Damien McBride's fabrications, Balls' "so what" etc, etc, etc.

All current politicians are big state scum - there is no monopoly on who are the good guys. In the words of Oliver Cromwell "[They] have sat too long for any good [they] have been doing lately... Depart, I say; and let us have done with [them]. In the name of God, go!"

flatpackhamster Tue 12-Mar-13 06:21:48


The reason I asked is because moondog said:

And I just provided a bunch of quotes which I thought were objectionable. So I'm trying to determine what, exactly, she disagrees with. Does she not agree that they are objectionable, or, if she agrees that they are, then surely she doesn't disagree with everything that I say.

No, you're using a lazy smear tactic of attempting to create a logical fallacy. Let's be honest, the only person who agrees with you about anything are the other screaming lunatics at the SWP.

This implies that the quotes are indeed objectionable. Does it not?

Goodness, no. All it shows is that you're using Stalinist bully-boy techniques to smear someone who disagrees with you. Everything you post is a paean to hatred.

niceguy2 Tue 12-Mar-13 10:40:26

Let's be honest, the only person who agrees with you about anything are the other screaming lunatics at the SWP.

I think even the SWP is a bit too right wing for Ttosca

ttosca Tue 12-Mar-13 14:41:06


I have no interest in smearing moondog. He or she isn't running for office. I don't care.

I wanted to find out which of the quotes they 'disagreed' with, and why.

And again, if you think this is a smear tactic, then you obviously agree that quotes are objectionable and nasty.

ttosca Tue 12-Mar-13 14:44:41


> Everything you post is a paean to hatred.

Yes, I hate poverty, inequality, people having to resort to food banks in one of the richest nations on earth, killing disabled people, threats to remove the minimum wage, racism, sexism, homophobia, misogyny, attacks on human rights, and neo-liberalism.

Well spotted.

moondog Tue 12-Mar-13 17:27:57

Thank you Flatpack for putting it so beautifully.
Tosca, you will burst with your own inflated sense of moral superiority one of these days.

I've lived in post Communist countries fro a fair while and your tactics are on a par with much of what went on.

ttosca Tue 12-Mar-13 20:20:01

Oh please - yes, I'm a Stalinist because I point collect and reproduce nasty quotes from the Tory party.

Such tactics are definitely akin to what went on in authoritarian communist countries, for sure.

ElBurroSinNombre Tue 12-Mar-13 20:30:16

What would we do without you ttosca?
You never fail to cheer me up - you sound like a laugh a minute grin

ttosca Tue 12-Mar-13 20:33:30

Thanks! smile

ElBurroSinNombre Tue 12-Mar-13 20:52:18

Glad to be of service.

Don't you see that anyone could collect a series of unconnected and offensive quotes from say comedians and then start a thread with a title 'All comedians are scum' or something like. It wouldn't prove anything at all - as I am sure you realise, we all tend to remember things that support our view of the world.

ttosca Tue 12-Mar-13 21:43:11


> Don't you see that anyone could collect a series of unconnected and offensive quotes from say comedians and then start a thread with a title 'All comedians are scum' or something like.
It wouldn't prove anything at all

I really don't think that's a sensible comparison at all. A political party, but its very nature, has members who share roughly the same world view, ideology, and ideas about ways of running society.

This is more than just a 'series of unconnected quotes'. They are quotes from members of a political party who are in power and have the power to affect people's lives. Some of them are from the people in the highest level of government. It's absolutely right that people are concerned.

Secondly, it's hardly like there's a mismatch of Tory policies and some of these quotes, for example the way the Conservative party treats disabled people is very much in line with the views expressed in these quotes.

MiniTheMinx Tue 12-Mar-13 21:45:18

Thanks ttosca someone needs to keep at it.

How's this for a list of Tory Triumph, anyone on the right care to comment?

Under the Tories homelessness has shot up 31% (here).
Tory boasts that they would turn Britain into a “tax haven” have come to pass, at least for the rich

The Universal Benefit Payment is forcing families to move into squalid housing, typically defined as the lowest 33% of houses by rental value in an area. Given that 46% of private rental homes are deemed sub-standard, this is cruel (ONS).

The UK Statistics Authority has rebuked Michael Gove for his consistent misuse of government statistics

The Tory Work Programme has delivered just a 2% success rate after they ignored NAO warnings it was a waste of money.

The Tories will cut Corporation Tax (profit tax) by 25%, from levels of 28% to 21% (here). This is at the same time as scrapping Child Benefit for some earners and cutting Child Tax Credits

The Tories spent a year demonising benefit claimants with their “curtain pulling” stigma, even though _£66bn goes unclaimed every Parliament in benefits_

The Tories failed to make permanent the Bankers’ Bonus Tax and profiteers in the City of London are still being rewarded, disproportionately, for taking unnecessary risks.

The Tories showed no sympathy for the families suffering from Child Benefit Cuts. _One Tory MP labelled mothers complaining about losing Child Benefit as engaging in “fiscal nimbyism” and urged them to live within their means_ another example of nasty Tory commenting.

The Tories refused to regulate the Fast Food industry. Instead, they asked their nudge unit to consider “fat taxes” on the poor. They even stopped obsese people having access to some NHS operations. Unashamed of their deeds, _one Tory MP said NHS Patients should pay for their medicines if they contract illnesses through “Lifestyle Choice”_

_The Tories launched a war on women, by cutting Tax Credits and accusing feminism of holding back men_. That's a good one !

The Tories have wasted more than £90 billion of taxpayers’ cash

The Tories have axed 5,000 Firemen & Firewomen

The Tories have axed 28,000 staff in Police Forces throughout the country

_The Tories have accepted £20 million of donations from people who have directly benefitted from their policies_. The blame lies not with the donors, but the Tories for creating unnecessary conflicts of interest by accepting the cash.

The Tories have abolished Remploy

The Tories are on course to issue 3 million National Insurance numbers to overseas nationals this parliament, a failing by their own pronouncements, although I welcome our new arrivals

The Tories announced scrapped the 50p Rate of Tax, and in doing so have given a tax cut to millionaires

_The Tories admit they will now have to borrow at least £150 billion extra this parliament because of their failed growth. That figure has since grown again_

The plans announced to halt teachers automatic progression through the Main Pay Scale could end up costing teachers up to £10,000.

The numbers of workers not even being paid the National Minimum Wage has grown under this government, with women being the worst affected

The numbers of homes built under the Tories are at levels lower than any time since the Second World War

_The number of working households now relying on Housing Benefit to make their rent payments has doubled_

The NHS is wasting more money than ever before. Agency Spend among Foundation Trusts has climbed 50%. _We are now paying private consultancies hundreds of millions to assist the new CCGs_ to audit accounts, and to report on the future viability of NHS Trusts

_The government blamed the poor for being unemployed as unemployment stayed stubbornly above 2.4 million. One Tory MP even accused the unemployed of playing the system and warned of a “rude awakening” as unemployment reached 2.5million_

_Suicide Rates have begun to rise again_

Staff Cuts: 85,000 less people are employed by the state in Health & Social Care. 42,000 less are employed in the actual NHS

_Privatisation: £7bn worth of the NHS has been privatised and 90% of it has been handed to a tiny number of companies_

Private landlords are recouping a record amount of £42bn a year from tenants,

_Our NHS Foundation Trusts are facing increasing economic instability_. In total, 7 NHS Trusts face ‘hit squads’. The NAO concluded that PFI was not the main cause. In fact, rising spend on Agency Staff as a result of Lansley’s recruitment freeze was the main reason.

Of the top 10 private health companies in the UK, who have all seen their business blossom under the Tories, there have been 100+ Care Quality Commission Inspections on their premises in 2012 which have reported shortcomings at their sites.

No 2 local NHS areas in 2012 offer the same health entitlement. North Yorkshire patients, for example, are losing their right to follow up appointments and health visitors as £10m of cuts are being made to local services

Children’s rights to expensive cancer drugs now vary from trust to trust

NHS Treatments such as cataracts, hip replacements are no longer available free of charge on the NHS in some parts of England for some patients. In total, 22 Treatments are now restricted.

Nearly 7,000 Nurses have been axed under the Tories and thousands more have received redundancy notices.

More than 400 Sure Start Children Centres have now been shut under the Tories, this from a party who promised not only to protect them but to extend them

_£1.3 trillion of damage has been done to economy through lost growth & ballooning debt and misspent money_

Michael Gove scrapped EMA that the Institute of Fiscal Studies called Value for Money. His decision was not based upon the deficit since he first sought to scrap it in 2004.

Michael Gove has left Britain with the most over-crowded classrooms in Europe

Michael Gove has cherry picked the best schools for “converter” academy status, the schools with poorer OFSTED records have been held up in their applications (outright lies are being told over this )

Michael Gove has actually closed more than 200 schools at a time when class sizes are rising

Michael Gove cut £860m from the Children & Families budget and used it to bribe schools to switch to academy or free school status

Just 454 Affordable Homes were built a 6 months spell under Grant Shapps, as reported by the ONS in November 2011. This was a 97% decrease

Jeremy Hunt has ordered every Primary Care Trust in England to put 3 further chunks of its NHS out to tender under AQP by September 2013. This follows on from the 456 forced tenders this year. _In total, 912 pieces of our primary NHS services are being flogged_

_Infant mortality rates have started to rise again after a long period of them failing_

In each of the 2 years of Tory Rule, private rents have grown by more than 4%.

In total, 591 hectares of NHS land is up for sale.

_George Osborne signed a record number of PFI deals in his first year in power that will cost the Tax Payer £33bn_

George Osborne raised an extra £41bn in taxes in 2011 at a time when the economy was struggling but cut taxes for the rich.

Gas Prices are up 31% under the Tories & _40% of families are on the brink of fuel poverty_

_Food Banks have grown every year of a Tory government as Child poverty has also increased_

Female rates of redundancy are climbing at a faster rate than men. (despite all those feminists)

More than 80%+ of workers losing their job in the NHS are women.

Despite violence against women climbing, and domestic abuse jumping 20%, one Tory MP drew parallels between the allegations of sex crimes, and smoking a joint

Despite having the consultation period required for redundancy notice halving from 90 to 45 days, the Tories persisted with blaming workers for their declining rights _One Tory MP cruelly judged that British Workers were among the ‘Worst idlers’ in the World_
(another example of the scathing attitude Tories hold us all in contempt!)

David Cameron has now abolished Equality Impact Assessments thus guaranteeing less equal services for disabled, elderly, LGBT, and BAME voters.

Michael Gove cancelled a plan to rebuild 715 crumbling schools thereby ensuring that all Labour’s great advancements in updating our school infrastructure were put on hold

10% of A & E Wards are shutting. Dozens of District General Hospitals are facing downgrade or closure.

Chris Skidmore co-authored a book that labelled UK workers among the most “idle” in the world. He called for Unemployment payments to be repayable loans and proposed that benefits such as tax credits and child benefit be capped to just two children

Chris Grayling forced an eventual 350,000 young person’s (50,000 of who are disabled)to work unpaid for multi-national firms.

Cameron has spent 2 years bullying, mocking & insulting women, disabled & the elderly

At least 570,000 more households (1.2 million people) were forced into fuel povertyin a single day

As a portion of GDP UK state spending in Education is set to fall far behind the USA _making us more neo-liberal than the state we love to mock for its laissez-faire approach_ (

Andrew Lansley & David Cameron ignored a Tribunal Ruling to publish Risk Register.This Risk Register if published could have saved lives as it would have led to an improved mitigation response to the Tories new NHS impositions.

After mucking up the security arrangements for the Olympics, and wasting taxpayers’ money in still paying a company £80 million+ for failure, a Tory MP had the audacity to mock the Olympic Ceremony as Leftie Multi-Cultural Crap

According to the UK Statistics Authority, the Tory Manifesto Commitment on page 45 has been broken. There has not been a year on year increase in NHS spending

According to the National Audit Office, Gove has overspent by £1 billion on his Free School & mass academisation experiment. Gove is making up the shortfall by taking £1bn cash from state school children

A&E Waiting Times at 8 year high. Things have not been this bad since 2004.

A proliferation of the same fast food premises in and around schools mark this a sorry year for those trying to improve school food standards

A Bedroom Tax on families with wounded soldiers, disabled or elderly who require extra space for their treatment is callous.

A 20% VAT rate has added 0.7% to inflation that reached 5% in 2011 while wages grew at less than half rate. This had a dramatic effect on the misery index.

95 Academy & Free School bosses now earn more than MPs & up to £300,000 a year

74% of GPs say that there has been a reduced entitlement on the NHS this year

600,000 people will go bankrupt under this government

250,000 Disabled People have been forced onto Unpaid Workfare with a 2% job success rate

2012 saw record high Clinical Negligence payouts totalling more than £1.2 billion. This is a £500 million increase than payouts under Labour. Each claim takes on average 1.3 years, so the 2012 payouts were for errors in 2010-11.

25,000 businesses have already gone bust under this government

2 Trusts have been placed in administration with one judged ‘bankrupt’. A Further Trust was told it was facing bankruptcy

11,000 Hospital Beds have been axed in 2 years. We now have the lowest number of hospital beds in our NHS in living memory. see here with links to all the evidence to substantiate the above.

HillBilly76 Tue 12-Mar-13 22:54:34

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

moondog Wed 13-Mar-13 00:28:18

Don't forget to add that the nasty party made it snow this week, deliberately targeting the poor and vulnerable!

ttosca Wed 13-Mar-13 01:10:27


> What is wrong with telling people to live within their means?

That isn't the issue here. The government is yet again trying to reduce the deficit on the backs of the poorest and most vulnerable. The reduction in council support for these 'extra' bedrooms is ostensible supposed to get people to move in to smaller, cheaper homes. In reality, they knew that very few people will move.

> The whole "bedroom tax" thing is bullshit. Expecting people to pay for bedrooms in rented houses is not a tax!

They are having their council benefits reduced for having an 'extra' bedroom. The problem is, these so-called 'extra' bedrooms are often nothing of the sort. The majority of people who will be affected by the 'bedroom tax' are disabled people. These people are using the so-called 'extra' bedroom for family members who help care for them, or for full-time carers.


What do the changes mean?

The size criteria in the social rented sector will restrict housing benefit to allow for one bedroom for each person or couple living as part of the household, with the following exceptions:

Children under 16 of same gender expected to share
Children under 10 expected to share regardless of gender
Disabled tenant or partner who needs non resident overnight carer will be allowed an extra bedroom

Who will be affected?

All claimants who are deemed to have at least one spare bedroom will be affected. This includes:

Separated parents who share the care of their children and who may have been allocated an extra bedroom to reflect this. Benefit rules mean that there must be a designated ‘main carer’ for children (who receives the extra benefit)
Couples who use their ‘spare’ bedroom when recovering from an illness or operation
Foster carers because foster children are not counted as part of the household for benefit purposes
Parents whose children visit but are not part of the household
Families with disabled children
Disabled people including people living in adapted or specially designed properties.

ttosca Wed 13-Mar-13 01:11:36

> Don't forget to add that the nasty party made it snow this week, deliberately targeting the poor and vulnerable!

I'm glad you think it's funny. The people suffering at the hands of the Tories are not laughing, and those of us who have an ounce of humanity left in us will ensure the Tory scum are never elected again.

ElBurroSinNombre Wed 13-Mar-13 07:15:46


So if we follow your logic then we can assume that Conservatives generally think that gay people have demonic possession (quote number 5).
This is despite the recent legislation on gay marriage which was forced through by a Conservative PM.

MiniTheMinx Wed 13-Mar-13 07:35:57

"David Cameron has now abolished Equality Impact Assessments thus guaranteeing less equal services for disabled, elderly, LGBT, and BAME voters"

Cameron's pontificating infront of the public over gay marriage is a stunt he believes will make him popular. Nothing more.

Moondog you are not very funny.

The bedroom Tax is simply a way of shifting the focus away from the fact that we have fewer social houses being built. It is making people responsible for the failures of government policy. "Just 454 Affordable Homes were built a 6 months spell under Grant Shapps, as reported by the ONS in November 2011. This was a 97% decrease"

Only this week though they start to think about capital investment to build will stimulate the economy. Really, why has it taken the Tories 3 years to work that out.

FasterStronger Wed 13-Mar-13 07:45:58

Because spending money when you have a structural deficit is a desperate act. As we know from the crisis of 2007, you can spend money you dont have and the economy can still tank.... Leaving you with a crap economy and an even larger debt.

JakeBullet Wed 13-Mar-13 07:48:01

Moondog is right wing and never funny about issues like this. A bit frivalous maybe but then its unlikely that the changes will impact upon her in the same way it will on others.

I dont hate everything but dislike IDS intensely because I am seeing the real impact his changes are having on very vulnerable people....and it isnt the idle either. I am talking about those who have severe mental health issues being denied benefits because a non medically trained decision maker has decided they are fit for work when in reality they are not.

The idle ones who dont want to work (and make no mistake they DO exist in small numbers) are facing no changes in benefits. That says everything to me.

ironman Wed 13-Mar-13 08:57:21

ttsoca Don't you ever give up? You say that you are 'self employed' I reckon you are on the dole, you spend so much time on here rubbishing the Tories!

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