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Save Li Yan from Execution

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printmeanicephoto Thu 31-Jan-13 11:55:48

So let me get this right...

Sichuan woman (Li Yan, 42) in China is abused by husband over two years, including cigarettes stubbed out on her face, finger chopped off, locked out in freezing cold and beatings. She tried to get help from authorities but they did nothing.

Then one night in Nov 2010 her drunken husband threatened to shoot her in the buttocks with an air rifle while she was washing dishes at their home, and then began kicking her. She then hits her husband twice with another gun that she had grabbed from nearby, accidentally killing him.

She dismembered his corpse, throwing most of his body parts in a public toilet and a dyke, before telling a friend about the killing. The friend alerted the police.

She is then sentanced to death - to be carried out before Chinese New Year this year. Time is running out for poor Li Yan!

So, she is abused for two years by husband, authorities fail her whan she tries to turn to them for help, then one night kills him accidentally while grabbing a gun for self-protection, panics and tries to dispose of the body. Then is sentenced to death!!! Eh!?!

So not only did authorities fail to protect her during the abuse, they are now failing her again by giving her the ultimate punishment for what seems to be accidental death during desperate self-protection. Double whammy!

Evil, in-humane regime!

How can we get our voices heard on this?

mattharris055 Fri 01-Feb-13 00:47:22

You can tell the Chinese authorities to stop the execution via Amnesty International:

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