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Oh Come All Ye Faithful, Frothy and Triumphant! Oh Come Lefties, Come Ye to anti ConDem-nay-tion!

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KateMiddlet0n Tue 13-Dec-11 15:00:34

Fed up of the ConDems robbing the poorest and most vulnerable blind? Sympathetic to the squeezed middle? Have you eyes that can see the horrors that await the dismantling of our welfare state and all that is great and good in UK?

Then you're a frother. This is our safe-space to rally, vent and get organised. You are also welcome if you want to be better informed and/or do something.

#Frothers don't join - #frothers ARE. Check out the blog for information and actions you can take, like us on Facebook for bite-sized chunks of frothiness you can read, like and share, or get ye to Twitter and tweet your frustrations using the #frothers hashtag or follow us @TMC_frothers.

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This is our 4th thread now!

CardyMow Wed 28-Dec-11 01:45:11

God, I didn't realise this thread was full! I changed my customise options and it only says 20 pages, not 40, because I've got more messages on each page. <<Dunce emoticon>>

I'm still a bit sidetracked - 13yo DD has come down with a Tummy Bug, and DS3 still thinks that sleep is for the weak, and that he should be allowed to play with his new toys at ANY hour of the day or night that takes his fancy. hmm. Oh - and DS2 has caught Ex-P's rotten coldy-fluey thing, and is a bit wheezy. I'm counting the time until it sets his brittle asthma off - I could do with ANOTHER festive season holiday visit.

Oh yes - I managed to fling myself down the stairs while totally sober on Christmas eve, and I have cracked one of my ribs. Just perfect timing to realise that my stair carpet had worn out and was offering NO grip at all...


Had a peaceful Christmas day though!

KatieMistletoe Tue 27-Dec-11 01:42:11

Fab blog post! What a great start to the 12 days.

Have a lovely day tomorrow MmeL

AnyFuckerForAMincePie Mon 26-Dec-11 22:51:01

have a lovely day in the mountains, MMe

and thanks x

MmeLindor. Mon 26-Dec-11 21:35:14

Have started new thread

I am going to be away in the mountains all day tomorrow, so if someone else could check if there is a blog post ready to go.

If someone has something better than my hastily written and red wine clouded scribble, please put it on the blog.

I will have iphone with me tomorrow and will check at some point if you need anything. Feel free to alter the blog post that I have written if you want something else in there.


MmeReindor Mon 26-Dec-11 09:36:33

First Day of Xmas

Hope it is not too long though.

MmeReindor Sun 25-Dec-11 15:51:40

<rolls off sofa>

Merry Christmas everyone.

AnyFuckerForAMincePie Sun 25-Dec-11 12:00:43

Happy Frothing Christmas everybody !!

And congrats to the Tewi family xx

Scarletbanner Sun 25-Dec-11 10:04:08

Congratulations TeWi!!

And Merry Christmas to frothers everywhere.

MrsMicawber Sun 25-Dec-11 09:01:27

Oooh congrats!

MmeReindor Sun 25-Dec-11 08:14:56


Congratulations, Te. And welcome to our first #frothersbaby

TeWiharaMeriKirihimete Sun 25-Dec-11 07:42:02

Baby TeWi has indeed arrived - Thus I probably won't be around much for a while - but #frothers rule!

Love you all, thanks for keeping me busy and doing such a fab job keeping the blog up to date and informed.

Merry Christmas grin

MrsMicawber Sat 24-Dec-11 23:30:51

MiniMissMicawber will be 1 on Tuesday grin

IslaDoit Sat 24-Dec-11 23:27:27

Oh yes happy birthday to the mini froths!

Hunty have you got that new thread ready? I reckon this one's nearly full. I also reckon the actual St Nicholas would have been a frother grin

CardyMow Sat 24-Dec-11 23:05:39

Do you think Father Christmas would be a frother?

<<Hypothetical question of the day>>

CardyMow Sat 24-Dec-11 23:04:30

Yay! For the Guardian, and Happy First Christmas to both babyHuntyCat (DS3), AND baby TeWi! grin

MrsMicawber Sat 24-Dec-11 23:00:16

They do indeed! (needs, musting, that is.) And well done!!

IslaDoit Sat 24-Dec-11 22:52:58

Needs must grin I wrote what was likely to be printed and appeal to the readership. It did work.

MrsMicawber Sat 24-Dec-11 22:49:23

Yer but no but... so do I. Doesn't mean I want it written about in the Guardian!

IslaDoit Sat 24-Dec-11 22:40:39

I do have a fat arse grin

MrsMicawber Sat 24-Dec-11 22:37:56

Aye aye, Isla!

congrats on the Guardian link!! confused at the 'armchair activist', though. Makes it sound like I have a fat arse.

IslaDoit Sat 24-Dec-11 20:24:13

I don't know if this will work but here's The Guardian link

IslaDoit Sat 24-Dec-11 20:15:23

Whoop whoop! Tis my recommendation! In The Guardian Weekend mag! Well done lovely #frothers! I've written bog all for the blog but I've been busy on the promotions side... which is dead easy when you're all rather fab grin

<does a frothy dance of joy>

The mag is that small and the holiday that long I'm hoping lots of people will have a look.

OpinionatedMum Sat 24-Dec-11 16:03:45

"We're in the Guardian!!!"

Well done! smile

This country really needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

garlicnutcracker Sat 24-Dec-11 15:38:46

We're in the Guardian!!!

<jumps up & down like a six-year-old at Chrismtas>

Armchair activists frothily unite grin

OpinionatedMum Sat 24-Dec-11 13:54:34

Have just seen this on facebook shock shock shock,000_children_homeless_at_christmas?appeal=1051400&utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=News

Just checking in to say I'm still following. Great blog posts.

Merry Christmas smile

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