Too Many Cuts...come join the #Frothers and have your say

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AnyFuckerForAMincePie Wed 07-Dec-11 21:23:41

This is the 3rd thread in a series.

It is for people who are horrified, frustrated and downright sad at the erosion of human rights with respect to how this country is being run, just now and in the recent past

it is apolitical in nature, but of course due to many recent initiatives by the recent govt, there will be rants against our current "leaders"

please join in

I shall post the link to the old threads, our "Too Many Cuts #Frothers" blog that is attracting a lot of widespread attention and a little bit of what we are about in a moment

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AnyFuckerForAMincePie Wed 07-Dec-11 21:29:13

thread #2 here]]

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FontSnob Wed 07-Dec-11 21:29:58


AnyFuckerForAMincePie Wed 07-Dec-11 21:30:32

the original thread here that set us all along this path

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blackoutthexmaslights Wed 07-Dec-11 21:30:39

signing in

AnyFuckerForAMincePie Wed 07-Dec-11 21:31:56

correct link for thread #2

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MmeLindor. Wed 07-Dec-11 21:32:16

Our blog

Find us on FACEBOOK


AnyFuckerForAMincePie Wed 07-Dec-11 21:33:37

Kate's call to arms on the first thread...

* Student fees
* Public sector workers terms and conditions (otherwise known as moving the goal posts after the match has started)
* Women (Report on Fawcett legal challenge result here)
* Sure Start
* Erosion of employment rights
* Removal of EMA
* Removal of universal child benefit
* Unfair changes to DLA
* Unfair changes to ESA assessment

I am getting more and more fed up that these decisions are being made to take away some of the things we should be most proud of and that took years to be achieved.

This thread is a safe haven for some ranting as I know some of us are feeling sick and tired of it all.

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AnyFuckerForAMincePie Wed 07-Dec-11 21:36:38

thanks MMe am having a bloody nightmare with Sky this evening

keep getting bumped off when I am trying to link everything

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SantaIsAnAnagramOfSatan Wed 07-Dec-11 21:37:58

agreed - especially fed up when many of them don't actually save any money anyway and therefore appear to be ideological changes being pushed through under the guise of 'hard times' and 'austerity'.

MmeLindor. Wed 07-Dec-11 21:38:10

You need to give your PC a good kicking, AF.

Am still coughing, despite cough mixture and mulled wine.

SantaIsAnAnagramOfSatan Wed 07-Dec-11 21:38:56

(my mum has sky and has constant problems - 02 for everything here best and cheapest which is a double bonus)

FuckYouGideon Wed 07-Dec-11 21:41:43

Hello all - checking in. I have been very active on Twitter but not managed to put anything together for the blog. TBH, my planning based rants are nothing compared to the wonderful stuff you ladies have been posting so I'll give some careful consideration to what I write about. I am intending to contribute though, I promise.

Hurrah for the #frothers though - seems to be a huge success.

Scarletbanner Wed 07-Dec-11 21:45:29

<froths away quietly in the corner>

NorfolkNCarolSingers Wed 07-Dec-11 21:46:19

Signing in with pen of rage (and froth)

RatherBeOnThePiste Wed 07-Dec-11 21:47:35

Checking in #frothers
Passing mulled wine and cheers to all...

AnyFuckerForAMincePie Wed 07-Dec-11 21:56:39

I have thrown my pc out the window, then retrieved it

then my Mn broke

then my search engine

off to link in AIBU if this bastard will let me

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ChickenLickn Wed 07-Dec-11 21:57:40

Signing in!

The link to AF's thread about jobseekers being FORCED to work FT for their meagre £67 a week jobseekers allowance - complete destruction of employment rights.

ShirleyKnot Wed 07-Dec-11 22:00:34

<signs in>

<Goes to bed>

AngryMum123 Wed 07-Dec-11 22:02:01

<takes coat off and gets wine>

hi, can i froth with all you all please? so impressed with this so far....

two points that are worth considering - introduction of universal credit which according to IFS will hit lone parents the worse

also legal aid planned to not be available for those who need it the most <feels very sad and worried about this>

ChristinedePizanne Wed 07-Dec-11 22:02:41

I'm in of course. I am a bit snowed this week but would like to do something a bit more useful. I have a bit of an idea but will need to think on it a bit

lubeybaublely Wed 07-Dec-11 22:03:18

More on workfare - suggesting it's been known for some time as well as the other problems and hideous injustices, it's counterproductive and reduces chances of long term employment

Meglet Wed 07-Dec-11 22:04:24

Signing in.

Have been writing letters. The angrier I get the better they are grin.

GrumpyCrossPatch Wed 07-Dec-11 22:05:11

Evenin' all.

After introducing myself last night it has taken me all say to catch up with all the frothing!

Things frothed over today:

1. Survey of social attitudes from 2009 saying 25% of the population think that unemployment is due to laziness is news today. Why? What's the agenda?

2. 40% of cancer is due to general fecklessness.

3. The introduction of the quality indicators when waiting lists are going up and granny is waiting on a trolley in A&E for 2 days. It's as if the last 13 years got wiped out almost overnight. I never thought I'd have to work like this again (A&E staff). Daily dread of going to a job I love as I face the completely appropriate outrage of patients and their relatives. Problem is, I can't fix it...

V. cross. Have also been catching up with the blog, shock at CSA and I admit I didn't really grasp the whole ESA/JSA gap.

Would like to write a piece for the blog explaining why thr Health and Social Care Bill is such a bloody travesty, if that is of any use. Will take some work to break down all the issues into non health care worker digestible chunks though.

blackoutthexmaslights Wed 07-Dec-11 22:09:40

grumpy that would be great

have decided that i'm no good at this blogging stuff, it just ends up ranty and sweary and a few choice words about poohead dave

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