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Staff cuts are putting babies lives at risk, warn nurses

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whittingtonmum Mon 17-Oct-11 14:04:30

Did anyone see the front page of the Independent today? shock

Do you think we should do everything we can to protect our most vulnerbale babies?

If yes, you might want to tell the Health Minister to stop putting vulnerable babies' lives at risk. Just click here

EdithWeston Mon 17-Oct-11 14:09:16

This has been going on for years as this 2006 article shows and is a bloody disgrace.

But if the staffing couldn't be sorted out to the proper levels when times were good, what hope is there now?

newwave Mon 17-Oct-11 22:24:00

Just a thought but do you really really think the likes of Gideon and Gove give a flying fuck how many die due the the Tory inflicted cuts.

EdithWeston Mon 17-Oct-11 22:28:56

They probably care just as much as those in control in 2006 when this problem was already evident.

The Tories didn't start the decline in this area, but it's clearly more popular (and ever more ovine) to slag them off that to look at the big causative factors - in this case the total failure to fix neo-natal services in the mid-00s. Bloody disgrace to have let it slide then, in the days when there was still some money.

newwave Mon 17-Oct-11 23:35:39

They probably care just as much as those in control in 2006 when this problem was already evident.

If you believe that then I have a second hand car I would like to sell to you. The Tories dont and never have given a toss how many people suffer or die from outside their social and class groups, no doubt there are some honourable and decent Tory MP's but I doubt if you would need two hands to count them.

EdithWeston Mon 17-Oct-11 23:48:33

I was commenting on those who let the situation arise in 2006, not on the coalition.

whittingtonmum Tue 18-Oct-11 08:56:28

Well according to the article the Health Minister wants "to make sure that sick and premature babies get consistently high-quality neonatal care. NHS hospitals in England must ensure that they have the right number of qualified staff to provide this."

I think we should hold them to their promises. And the only way to do it is to get your MP on the ball.

It only takes two minutes to do this. Click here

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