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Anyone else following the US Republican Party Primaries?

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MugglesandLuna Wed 17-Aug-11 20:27:17

I find it so fascinating, like watching a soap opera.

Scarletbanner Wed 17-Aug-11 22:19:44

Me too, although I am a bit hazy about the detail. Very interesting article in today's Guardian basically saying that the Republicans wouldn't be able to choose an electable candidate. I wonder...

niceguy2 Wed 17-Aug-11 22:52:20

I fear the Republican's are being dominated by the tea party and their ultra conservative views. Right now they seem to be the tail wagging the dog which isn't a good thing given what the US do affects the rest of the world so much.

longfingernails Thu 18-Aug-11 22:57:41

Hello - did you all miss me? grin

The GOP candidates are either just as uninspiring as Red Ed (hello Mr Romney), or utterly whacko on social policy (hello Mrs Bachmann and Mr Perry).

It's a shame really. The US desperately needs to get itself under control, and it can't do that while Obama (and George W Bush's) fiscal insanity slowly eats away at all that makes America great and exceptional.

Obama is easily beaten by a generic Republican in the polls, but beats any of the leading contenders in a named matchup. To me, that says that if only the Republicans can find someone who can communicate a conservative message with verve and charisma, they could do it.

Indaba Sun 04-Sep-11 22:30:32

Nutters all of them but even though he seems as nuts as a nuts thing and I disagree with ALL he says I like that Perry is at least trying to debate on a philosophical level and willing to say unpopular things cos he believes they need saying.

Indaba Sun 04-Sep-11 22:32:26

and what is so sad is that it all comes down to personnality rather than policy led
same happened in UK last time....drifted into which person you like as PM rather than which party.

newwave Mon 05-Sep-11 23:14:23

Rather funny really lisening to a bunch of fruit loops asking a non existent god to "save America". Just waiting for Palin to throw her hat into the ring then i will be sure the lunatics are trying to take over the asylum.

Bring on the rapture ffs.

newwave Mon 05-Sep-11 23:15:02

"listening" doh!

Indaba Wed 07-Sep-11 20:14:09

Oh ma so ashamed. Just read interview with Perry. Ignore my last post. He is as nuts as the rest of them.

Indaba hangs head in shame and slinks off, stage right.

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