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Falsely accused of child abuse

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Compassionaite Sun 10-Jul-11 21:23:47

As two loving Christian families who were falsely accused of harming their newborn babies we have written a website to help others facing similar situations. We were floored by the accusations and real possibility of losing our children - it's a frightening and lonely experience, we hope that our experiences will help others. The Child Protection system itself is set up for the right motives but for our families it all went so terribly wrong. We aren't angry at the people who work so hard to try and protect children, we just recognise that something needs to change. Please read our stories and try and help us sensibly change things. Thank you.

dotnet Mon 18-Jul-11 10:29:13

Something DOES need to change. Just heard today of a lovely, decent man, a friend of my sister, who killed himself last week because of being accused of child abuse (he was in a caring profession.) From what I've heard, the attitude of the authorities was 'you're guilty until proved innocent' - and this man couldn't take the strain and distress of being under attack, after a lifetime spent helping people from all walks of life, in often difficult circumstances. His death is a sad loss to society and need not, should not, have happened. Yes, things need to change - the currently seemingly heavy handed approach causes serious problems. If someone is brought to the point of suicide, - that cannot be put right, ever.

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