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Red Ed caught cowardly skulking away after his disastrous PMQs performance

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longfingernails Wed 08-Jun-11 23:05:50

Now even the Bolshevik BBC's Trotskyite Michael Crick is telling Red Ed how crap he is!!/BBCMichaelCrick/status/78498705690468354

EdithWeston Wed 08-Jun-11 23:20:24

He doesn't come across well at the moment.

Is the Labour Party still engaged in its policy review? Because until it does have some policies, he's going to keep looking rather inadequate (criticising, but having no alternative to offer). They really do need to get it done and the results out there.

niceguy2 Thu 09-Jun-11 01:20:55

Oh dear.....he really did get taken apart by DC.

iplayer link

He looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights before losing his temper before attacking DC without any real facts.

jackstarb Thu 09-Jun-11 11:24:38

This is interesting for those wondering what will come out of the Labour policy review Ivan Lewis on Labour Policy

Ivan Lewis states:

"[Labour's] goal is to forge a mainstream majority for change which unites aspirational, but increasingly insecure, working- and middle-class voters."

But when you strip out the obligatory rhetoric such as:

"We will vigorously oppose the Conservative-led government's policies which are dividing Britain, entrenching inequality and will cause long-term damage to our country."

You get something very close to what the Coalition is offering (IMO):

"We must build a new partnership for enterprise and sustainable growth between business and a government bound by fiscal responsibility. We need a new economy which invests in skills, infrastructure and innovation to provide the British with jobs of the future and create an environment where small businesses can start up and scale up"

Even where it tries hard to be different:

"Nor should David Cameron's discredited "big society" inhibit a renewed Labour commitment to strengthening communities by giving people greater control over their neighbourhoods, enhancing civic pride and valuing the contribution of voluntary and faith groups."

niceguy2 Thu 09-Jun-11 16:16:42

Any ideas how long this policy review will take? I don't see how they can be taken seriously as the opposition until they have policies the electorate can look at.

It's all well and good opposing the nasty Tories on everything but what do they feel should be done differently instead which is better? And why is it better?

I suspect Red Ed will eek the review out as long as humanly possible to ensure Labour can oppose anything at will and are praying the coalition make a monumental f**k up which they can then capitalise upon.

claig Thu 09-Jun-11 18:24:02

'and are praying the coalition make a monumental f**k up which they can then capitalise upon'

Then they will have to wait a mighty long time indeed!!

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