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jardy Wed 08-Jun-11 21:26:46

I am representing nearly 1000 Parents/Carers.I want to write a letter addressing concerns following the Panorama Programme on abuse in a Care Home for People with Learning Disabilities.This will be on headed notepaper and signed by the Chairman of the Group.To whom do you think it should be addressed to,ie the most effective individual/individuals?Most have said DC but maybe the Health Minister,Copy to Local MP?Please would you give me the names of people to whom it would have the most impact.The gist of it is a)Our horror b)What safeguards are you going to put in place?
I would really appreciate your help.As you can tell,I am not very confident!(never done anything like this beforeblush)

CogitoErgoSometimes Thu 09-Jun-11 07:06:45

Surely you're pushing at an open door? The horror is universal.

jardy Thu 09-Jun-11 11:33:44

As a mum,your reply made me feel better,thanks.I stand corrected!

CogitoErgoSometimes Thu 09-Jun-11 12:09:41

I think one measure would be that relatives of young people in homes should have greater access to the home itself. As I understand it, in the Panorama case, parents of residents were confined to particular areas and were not allowed beyond certain boundaries. And another measure would be a much more rigorous system for following up on whistle-blowing, either by staff, relatives or residents. Again, the Panorama investigation seemed to show that the home in question had been reported in the past but that action had not been taken.

The homes are already subject to inspections but, as they are announced, it's easy enough for staff to behave themselves for the day & run around making the place look tidy, as it were. I don't think covert Panorama-style, secret-camera operations are in order as a regular thing - far too police state - but unannounced inspections might help a little.

You local MP should be your first point of contact. The minister for the department responsible for care homes as a second. And you should check if there is someone in the House of Lords with a particular interest in mental health/disability issues. Professor Sheila Hollins or Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson, for example.

jardy Fri 10-Jun-11 12:15:42

Cog,thank you so much.I thought I heard on the radio that spot checks are going to take place now.I will let you know how I get on.

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