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Independent Scotland Mark II - Will ye go, lassie, go?

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specialmagiclady Mon 06-Jun-11 17:49:37

If you, like me, are a Scot living outside the country, would you go back if it became independent?

I might go back to earn the right to vote "no". Just because I think nationalism is a dangerous force, in general.

I'm not sure if the things that made me leave would get better with independence...

CogitoErgoSometimes Tue 07-Jun-11 14:56:15

Heard someone yesterday suggesting that the whole of the UK should take part in any independence referendum... not just those north of the border. I suppose, historically speaking, it was the Scottish King that annexed England and Wales rather than the other way around. So maybe it would be right for both to exercise their right to self-actualisation and cast out the Scottish oppressors?

poppyknot Tue 07-Jun-11 17:40:27

Wondering who would be 'granted' Scottish citizenship if independence came. There are lots of Scots in the rest of the UK.........and lots like half my family who are a bit of this and a bit of that.

Mellowfruitfulness Wed 08-Jun-11 17:22:04

Specialmagiclady, what made you leave?

I think the idea is that our population would rise if we became independent - not just ex-pats returning - because the SNP wants to encourage immigration, since at the moment we have an ageing population and we need younger people to pay for all the oldies.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the way I see it, the SNP wants 'growth' so it needs more people to invest in Scotland, set up companies here, provide jobs etc. But if our population increases, there will be more pressure on education and health services and the SNP might well decide that we can't afford free care for the elderly, free universities, state schools etc.

So what I think will happen is that a future Scottish government will make the same mistakes as previous UK governments, ie that in chasing 'growth', successive UK governments have apparently created a situation in the last 20 years in which only the top 10% of the population have experienced any sort of rise in their income. Everyone else is considerably worse off (if the figures are to be believed - Today Prog, Radio 4 a couple of days ago).

So what I'm saying is that if Scotland becomes independent there will be a honeymoon period but it will only last a few years unless the SNP puts in place mechanisms for making sure that everyone shares in the growth, and that provision is made in health and education for increased numbers. The only way they can do that, I think, is by higher taxes.

But will people want to come here if they have to pay higher taxes??

ElBurroSinNombre Fri 10-Jun-11 13:48:09

I am English and very much in favour of Scottish Independence. The Barnett formula has drained English tax payer's money out of England in order to support a higher subsidy for the Scottish population (i.e. the amount of money received per person from central government is higher in Scotland than England). This deal was forged by Labour in the 70s as it needs Scotland's labour MPs to form a majority in Parliament. The situation has also lead to some anomolies like Scottish MPs voting on England and Wales education and health expenditure and legislation when they legislate on these things in Scotland. It is galling to see that Scotland can afford free university education and free prescriptions (to name but two) whilst England cannot - we are nominally part of the same country (Britain). Perhaps England should have a referendum to see if we wanted to stay in the union (incidentally I feel the same about NI, but not Wales as it has always been politically closer to England). Before you all start jumping up and down and mentioning North Sea Oil (which has now dried up) , take a bit of time to learn exactly where the oil fields are and whose waters they are in. In any case, if we really are in a union the oil is / was British.

Mellowfruitfulness Sat 11-Jun-11 09:17:14

I suppose if we continue with free care for the elderly people might come back here to die ...

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