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David Cameron talking about Human Mad Cow's Disease in the House Of Commons, May 2011

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Beaaware Sat 04-Jun-11 21:08:49

Here is a link to David Cameron answering questions about human BSE (CJD,vCJD,nvCJD) in the House Of Commons on 11th May 2011, this is very interesting as MP Paul Beresford is asking if the government could & should protect the public against human BSE by implementing the latest blood screening tests and decontamination methods for removal of infectious prions from surgical instruments developed by government scientists. Millions of tax payers money is given to the CJD surveillance team and prion unit, but still no blood test or decontamination of surgical/dental instruments is in place in 2011 either in our GP surgeries, dentists or hospitals.
Unlike other diseases there is no treatment or cure for human BSE, where is the importance of prevention here?

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