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NHS listening exercise - Have your say. Contributions deadline looming

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Donki Sun 29-May-11 14:58:29

If you want to put in your two pen'orth about the NHS, the dead line is tomorrow night (contributions due in by 31st May)


mercibucket Sun 29-May-11 15:07:57

great, thanks for the link, what a waste of time this whole thing is though! this all makes me cross angry

longfingernails Sun 29-May-11 15:39:59

I have explained my views - that only a full privatisation of the NHS is good enough. The Lansley reforms do not go nearly far enough.

Donki Sun 29-May-11 17:07:07


slug Sun 29-May-11 17:52:25

Did you really say that LF? Did you consider you might have your contribution rejected as a poor attempt at sarcasm?

Donki Sun 29-May-11 18:58:37


mercibucket Sun 29-May-11 19:25:47

smile slug

yeah I might go back and change mine actually now I think about it. How come we're even bothering with an nhs - let 'em die in the gutter - so much cheaper

Donki Sun 29-May-11 19:35:23


Donki Sun 29-May-11 20:53:53

Please could you explain your views to me?
The govenrment tried something vaguely similar with fund holding GPs. I don't know of any evidence that it improved patient care or efficiency. Perhaps you can educate me?

Donki Sun 29-May-11 20:54:55

Especially since not one of the (several) GPs that I know think that it is a good idea....
Nor the HPA professional
Nor the hospital workers - nurses/scientists/HCAs

ednurse12 Sun 29-May-11 21:06:33

Are we really in a day and age when we can't give our old people water?

How will giving the GP's funding help this?

longfingernails Sun 29-May-11 21:48:25

Donki See the Cumbria trial

ada07 Sun 29-May-11 21:52:07

I've 'had my say'. Doubtful.

ttosca Sun 29-May-11 21:57:24

Fingernails is a troll. Ignore it.

mercibucket Sun 29-May-11 22:05:00

on the contrary, people like lfn must be encouraged to give their views in detail so people can see what lies at the end of this road - it's a scary picture

newwave Sun 29-May-11 23:03:16

No privatisation at the sharp end in the NHS, by all means buy equipment and pills from the private sector but no involvement in treatment at all you only have to look at the disaster privatising hospital cleaning has been.

The inadequate cleaning of wards has lead to deaths.

Still as most Tories would say far better people die than private companies not make profits and not pay dividends and bonuses.

Donki Sun 29-May-11 23:23:33

What Cumbria trial are you talking about? NHS Cumbria is a PCT...

longfingernails Sun 29-May-11 23:36:03


Donki Mon 30-May-11 00:16:55

Thankyou LFN
There is some interesting reading.

One of the things that people have been very concerned about is the "post-code lottery" - I cannot see that this will be improved by GP commissioning. It would seem on the face of it that this is one aspect that could be made worse...

longfingernails Mon 30-May-11 00:20:25

I prefer "local decision making" myself - it is far less perjorative. I see nothing wrong in this.

tramlinky Mon 30-May-11 00:25:05

Does it take long to go in and comment? Looks a bit daunting...

Donki Mon 30-May-11 00:26:19

Tram - it can take a while if you want to post a considered and lengthy argument.

tramlinky Mon 30-May-11 00:28:29

Gawd. That's enuf to put me off for tonight. Will think again tomorrow.

tramlinky Mon 30-May-11 00:30:46

What I normally find with surveys is I click on the link to start, then just run out of oomph. Will have to plan a time.

Donki Mon 30-May-11 00:30:46

Maybe not - but I am uncomfortable with what could be radically different access to some treatments from one locality to another.

Some cancer drugs for instance.

Or IVF. It seems inequitable to be denied treatment on the NHS in one area because of age, but be allowed it in another area. Or to be allowed only one cycle vs three cycles elsewhere.

Not that I am actually convinced that IVF should be available on the NHS anyway, but that is a completely different (and very emotive) argument.

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