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Archbishop is right.

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ivanhoe Sat 25-Dec-10 14:00:58

Archbishop urges rich to share pain in Christmas sermon
Dr Rowan Williams is often outspoken on social issues Continue reading the main story
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The Archbishop of Canterbury has used his Christmas sermon to question whether the richest people are bearing their share of the economic downturn.

Dr Rowan Williams' comments amounted to a rebuke to the most prosperous in society, said BBC religious affairs correspondent Robert Pigott.

He also suggested Prince William's wedding in 2011 could help restore the popularity of life-long relationships.

The service took place at Canterbury Cathedral, in Kent.

Meanwhile in a sermon at York Minster, Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu also referred to victims of the economic crisis, including "those who have lost their jobs, savings, pensions [and] homes".

In his service Dr Williams spoke of the importance of mutual dependence, fellowship and loyalty in current economic times, stressing the need to share the burdens of adversity.

He said society could only bear hardship "if we are confident that it is being fairly shared."

Continue reading the main story
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As the prince and his fiancee get ready for their new step into solidarity together, they will have plenty of inspiration around?
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Dr Rowan Williams

Archbishop of Canterbury
"We shall have that confidence only if there are signs that everyone is committed to their neighbour, that no-one is just forgotten, that no interest group or pressure group is able to opt out.

"That confidence isn't in huge supply at the moment, given the massive crises of trust that have shaken us all in the last couple of years and the lasting sense that the most prosperous have yet to shoulder their load," he added.

Citing Prime Minister David Cameron's "big society" concept, he said everyone had to be ready to meet that challenge, and to restore "mutual trust".

"It's no use being cynical about this; whatever we call the enterprise, the challenge is the same - creating confidence by sharing the burden of constructive work together," he said.

complimentary Sat 25-Dec-10 17:50:46

Agree with the post. Although I don't like Rowan Williams.

ivanhoe Sun 26-Dec-10 23:17:25

//////Agree with the post. Although I don't like Rowan Williams./////

Down to personalities again no doubt.

MadamDeathstare Sun 26-Dec-10 23:20:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ivanhoe Mon 27-Dec-10 11:05:11

There are people in Britain sleeping on the streets.

There are British people living in houses having to choose between eating or heating their homes, man of whom are elderly, and this is just for starters.

But you want Africans to have clean water, even though these countries have billionaire tyrant leaders living in palaces.

Just who are you trying to convince ?.

MadamDeathstare Mon 27-Dec-10 17:50:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Chil1234 Tue 28-Dec-10 09:18:43

I'd probably have more respect for church leaders on this subject if they cashed in some of the vast wealth, land and property-holdings of their organisations and put their money where their mouth is. Sharing in a topically, superficial fashion rather than fairly has been the stock in trade of a lot of faith groups. Yes, there are more people sleeping rough today than 20 years ago, more British people living in poverty. Partly because the benefit culture traps them in their poverty and partly because the rest of us... 'the rich' & faith groups included... think that someone else will look after them.

ivanhoe Tue 28-Dec-10 13:46:00

/////think that someone else will look after them//////

The bulk of your posting is correct, but your last sentense as above singles out the poor as "them".

"THEM" can be anyone of us at any time.

Through "ignorants", we create "want".

ivanhoe Tue 28-Dec-10 14:02:12

////I don't even live in the UK/////

Where do you live ?

ivanhoe Tue 28-Dec-10 14:29:56

////// I will continue helping the homeless and helpless in my own city through my church then./////

Do you think charities should help, or should the state re- government's build social housing for people who cannot afford to buy. ?

Chil1234 Tue 28-Dec-10 17:14:33

'Them' is a perfectly legitimate pronoun to describe a collection of people... in this case those who are poor. I am not ignorant.

ivanhoe Sun 02-Jan-11 14:58:50

You have never seen A Christmas Carol then ?

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