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EMA - apply before 1st January to be guaranteed it for this school year, if you're eligible

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granted Tue 14-Dec-10 22:25:07

Not really a politics thread, I know, but posted it here primarily for Riven, whom I know was worried about this, as she pops in here.

See: tudy

"Urgent! Last chance for 16-18 year-old students to claim EMA
The up to £30/week education allowance is ending, but you can still get it for this school year"


"IMPORTANT NEWS FOR STUDENTS IN ENGLAND: From 1 January 2011 EMA will no longer be available for new applicants, so act fast and apply now if you're eligible. In the new 2011/2012 academic year the EMA scheme will cease completely in England.."

Hope that helps someone.

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