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Grassroots Labour persons check this out..

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catinthehat2 Thu 02-Dec-10 15:51:50


OK there were a few of you on this thread a week or so ago.

Have a read of this piece by Peter Watt

and in particular check out the comment @ 3.29pm. I can't make out if it was one of you making the comment.

I would say however that the excellent article deserves a good read by anybody involved in British politics.

llareggub Thu 02-Dec-10 15:55:07


I thought you were going to link to this so thought I would instead. I'll be back later with a more sensible comment.

catinthehat2 Thu 02-Dec-10 16:08:58

I know - it's sad llaredub.

Piddling around with painfully twee little timewasting efforts like that - what are you supposed to say,"er, right on"? or "actually the election failure was due to being an arrogant bunch of tits, what are we going to do about it? Wanky little advent calendars don't quite cut it somehow".

Watt makes excellent point after excellent point - and it will fall into a big black hole of ignoring.


catinthehat2 Thu 02-Dec-10 16:13:49

llaredub llareggub

llareggub Thu 02-Dec-10 16:22:12

Well, it did strike a chord with me. My local branch is pretty evenly split between those who'd like to debate local and national issues and those who just want to slag off the Tories/Lib Dems.

Sadly the latter currently hold branch office and are pretty negative and stifle the enthusiasm of the new members. We also appear to be leaderless at the moment. Where is Ed?

jackstarbright Thu 02-Dec-10 17:26:58

Thanks cat - a truly outstanding article. If Labour even take half of this on board, they have a chance of becoming a credible opposition and perhaps a chance of government in 2015 - especially if the government is decided by the LibDems.

One of the comments linked to this by David Laws. The comments at the end are pretty telling.

catinthehat2 Thu 02-Dec-10 17:58:51

Laws said:
" we found that the Conservatives made major policy concessions, and quickly; while, after three days of talking, Labour was too disorganised or divided even to table clear positions on tax, education spending, pensions or the deficit"

First 2 comments (and they are a fair flavour) say
"The LibDems rejected Labour because they are right-wing rubbish with leaders who are really Tories and now are slowly revealing what sort of people they are"
"Dear David Laws, I bet you secretly wish that you wouldn't have rejected Labour.

You are only serving to prop up a Tory government, that's what they have reduced your party to, look at the polls!

The people hate Tories and by association, they hate Lib-Dems.

Only Lib-Dems who are closet Tories believe your story."

What a bunch of arses.

catinthehat2 Thu 02-Dec-10 18:02:10

It's painful as I keep reading those comments with the occasional despairing sensible person appearing every now & again.

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